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Costs of Velux skylight

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Would you like to make the most of your attic space or the sloping roof in your bedroom or bathroom? Then a Velux roof window is the perfect solution. With a Velux roof window you kill two birds with one stone: more ventilation and more daylight at the same time. What is involved in installing a Velux roof window and what are the prices? Find out more in the article below!

Installing a Velux roof window prices

We can't tell you the price of a Velux roof window as the exact cost depends on several factors. The price for installing a Velux roof window is primarily determined by the size of the roof window, but the way the window is opened (= type of roof window), the material and the chosen finish also play a major role.

Price for installing a Velux roof window: wooden rocker window

Type Velux roof window Costs
Placing a small Velux roof window (55x78) € 650,- to € 750,-
Medium size Velux roof window (94x98) € 800,- to € 875,- 
Large replacement Velux roof window (134x140) € 950,- to € 1.200,- 
Price for placing a Velux roof window: plastic pivot window
Type Velux roof window Costs
Placing a small Velux roof window (55x78) € 700,- to € 800,-
Medium-sized Velux roof window (94x98) € 900,- to € 1.000,- 
Top size Velux roof window (134x140) € 1,050 to € 1,300 

The above roof window installation prices include VAT and installation costs. Associated materials, such as Velux screws and hooks to fix the skylight, are also included in these prices.

Prices for a wooden Velux roof window

Wood has always been associated with a warm, natural look. Wood is cheaper than plastic, but generally has a shorter life and needs to be varnished every five years. On average you will pay between €650 and €750 for the installation of a small Velux wooden roof window. Does your room need a medium size roof window? Then keep a budget of € 800,- to € 875,- ready. For an extra large 134x140 cm wooden Velux roof window you can expect to pay between €950 and €1,200 for the complete installation.

Prices for a plastic Velux roof window

Velux roof window prices for a plastic version are somewhat higher than for its wooden counterpart. This is because plastic guarantees a longer life, is completely maintenance free and is perfect for damp rooms, such as bathrooms for example. A small plastic Velux roof window costs on average between €700 and €800, while a medium-sized one will cost between €900 and €1,000. Are you looking for a very large plastic Velux roof window? Then you will pay between € 1,050 and € 1,300.

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