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Energy costs

Monday 15 November 2021

As a (future) home owner, it is important that you have insight into all monthly costs that are related to home ownership. The costs of gas, water and electricity are unavoidable and recurring monthly costs. Would you like to know what the average monthly costs of gas, water and electricity could be in your situation? Read all about it in this article. We will also give you some suggestions on how to save on these fixed costs.

The average costs of gas, water and electricity

Please note that the actual gas, water and electricity costs (sometimes abbreviated as GWL costs) may differ from the costs mentioned here. Apart from the fact that this article is based on average consumption, the exact gas and water costs also vary between energy providers and water supply companies.

Costs per household

To give you an idea, a two-person household living in a middle-class house pays an average of € 152 per month for electricity, gas and water. Of this, the average monthly costs are € 104 for gas, € 18 for water and € 30 for electricity.