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Energy costs

Monday 15 November 2021

As a (future) home owner, it is important that you have insight into all monthly costs that are related to home ownership. The costs of gas, water and electricity are unavoidable and recurring monthly costs. Would you like to know what the average monthly costs of gas, water and electricity could be in your situation? Read all about it in this article. We will also give you some suggestions on how to save on these fixed costs.

The average costs of gas, water and electricity

Please note that the actual gas, water and electricity costs (sometimes abbreviated as GWL costs) may differ from the costs mentioned here. Apart from the fact that this article is based on average consumption, the exact gas and water costs also vary between energy providers and water supply companies.

Costs per household

To give you an idea, a two-person household living in a middle-class house pays an average of € 152 per month for electricity, gas and water. Of this, the average monthly costs are € 104 for gas, € 18 for water and € 30 for electricity.

Factors affecting average costs

The factors that determine GWL costs can be quite different among themselves. They are the following factors:

- Type of property;
- Type of household;
- Insulation of the dwelling;
- Number of hours spent away from home per week;
- How consciously gas, water and electricity are used;
- Tyoe appliances and how energy efficient the appliances are;
- How often appliances are used;
- On how you compare prices and therefore save by switching energy suppliers

The most expensive expense, gas

In an average home, annual consumption is around 1,500 m3 of gas. This costs €104 a month. For a small flat this is € 82 and for a detached house the amount is € 154 per month. The level of the average cost of gas is determined by:

- Type of dwelling;
- insulation
- Desired temperature in the house
- Heating period
- How often ge

Gas prices are so high because of the energy tax that the taxman levies on gas, despite oil prices having gone down. Of course, there are a number of ways you can save on this expense, gas.
In the table below, you can see the average monthly cost of gas for your type of home:

Type of property Average cost of gas per month
Flat € 82
Terraced house € 100
Corner house € 113
Semi-detached house € 124
Detached house € 154
Average for all house types € 104

The average cost of electricity

Your monthly costs for electricity consumption do not only depend on the number of occupants. Logically, more residents also use more electricity. But the presence of electrical appliances also affects the cost of electricity and whether the appliances use a lot of power or are energy-efficient. An average household uses 3,350 kWh per year, which corresponds to a monthly amount of €30.
The table below shows the average monthly electricity costs for different households:

Type of household average cost of electricity per month
Single household € 13
Two-person household € 31
Three-person household € 40
Four-person household € 50
Five-person household € 56
Average per household € 30

The average cost of water

The average cost of water has the lowest share of the monthly cost of gas, water and electricity. In the Netherlands, water costs almost nothing because of the subsidy on it. You only consume about 46 m3 of water per year, which amounts to €10 per month.
Of this, you use about 33% for showering or bathing. The remaining 66% of your water consumption can be attributed to cooking, going to the toilet and using your washing machine.
In the table below, you can see the average monthly cost of water for different households

Type of household average cost of water per month
Single-person household € 10
Two-person household € 15
Three-person household € 19
Four-person household € 22
Five-person household € 24
Average per household € 18

How to save on gas, water & light costs

Below are the seven most commonly used ways to save money and energy:

- Cavity wall insulation
- Roof insulation
- floor insulation
- Installation of a heat pump or HR+ boiler
- Solar panels
- Solar boiler
- Comparing energy suppliers

Installing HR++ glass also contributes to energy savings.

Would you like to have some form of insulation installed in your home? To do so, call in one of Zoofy's experts. You can easily get in touch with a professional in your area by indicating three times when you can be contacted. Before you know it, you will be warm again and a lot cheaper.

Did you know that the central government provides attractive subsidies if you install insulation in your home or buy a solar boiler or heat pump?

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