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Installing sanibroyeur costs

Monday 03 January 2022

The costs of connecting a sanibroyeur

A sanibroyeur, what is that actually? Why is there sometimes chosen for a sanibroyeur? How does a sanibroyeur work? Who can I best hire for the installation of a sanibroyeur and what are the costs? How should I maintain a sanibroyeur? In this article we answer all these questions.

A sanibroyeur, what is that?

Sanibroyeur, that sounds pretty French and that's right. The Dutch translation of broyeur is breaker. A sanibroyeur is namely a pump and / or crusher. The French company Sanibroyeur brought the first toilet grinder, or feces grinder, on the market. The grinder makes it possible to discharge the compactly ground faeces and toilet paper together with the flushing water through a narrower drain pipe than usual. This is a true revolution because it makes it possible to install a toilet in any location you choose. A major renovation or demolition work is no longer necessary and your toilet, because of the smaller diameter, no longer needs to be connected to the traditional sewerage. A sanibroyeur can even be connected to the drain of the washing machine or sink.
In short, it is a cheap, smart and silent solution to realize a sanitary facility at any place without major works.

Costs for connecting a sanibroyeur

It is of course easier to connect a sanibroyeur and outsource it to a professional, such as the professional of Zoofy. By doing so you save a lot of energy and time. The professionals of Zoofy regularly install sanibroyeurs. This job is often completed within two to four hours. If you know that the starting hourly wage of a professional in your neighbourhood is € 79, you know exactly what this job, connecting a sanibroyeur toilet, can cost you. Even better, for installing a sanibroyeur Zoofy charges a fixed rate of € 275 including VAT. The costs sanibroyeur connect, € 275, are including VAT and excluding all materials and excluding the sanibroyeur itself.


How does a sanibroyeur work?

Sanibroyeur is the name of the manufacturer, but in popular speech each type of grinder is called a sanibroyeur. A sanibroyeur has several versions. The best known is of course that white cabinet which is placed behind a toilet. There are now also built-in sanibroyeurs but the operation is basically the same. After the toilet has been flushed, the toilet water with content ends up in the sanibroyeur, the reservoir. The built-in floater measures the water level in the reservoir. As soon as this level is high enough, the float activates the grinder. In the sanibroyeur the razor-sharp blade starts to turn, grinding toilet paper and faeces. The built-in pump then forces the residual product, the water with the ground-up dirt, under considerable pressure outwards to the connected drain. Despite the smaller size of the drain pipe, there is no need to worry about clogging thanks to the powerful pump system. The system guarantees smooth flushing.

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