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Costs installing walk-in shower

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Cost of installing a walk-in shower

The average cost of installing a walk-in shower is between €600 and €1,900. The price depends on the type of walk-in shower and the number of working hours. See below for a detailed explanation of the costs.

Why a walk-in shower

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom or build a new home? A good time to think about the (re)design of your bathroom.
Installing a walk-in shower is an obvious choice. After all, a walk-in shower is part and parcel of a modern bathroom. A walk-in shower can even be fully integrated into the bathroom, especially if you choose glass walls. That gives a very spacious effect. No more cubbyholes. Your bathroom will have a luxurious appearance. A walk-in shower is also safe and practical. You no longer have to step over an edge, which reduces the risk of falling or bumping your toes.

Average costs for a walk-in shower

Are you curious about what a new shower will cost? Do you want to build a walk-in shower in an existing bathroom? The table below lists the costs of building a walk-in shower. It gives you an idea of the costs that you have to bear when you want to build a walk-in shower. Things like the choice of material, the dimensions and the degree of difficulty of the job affect the average cost. They can therefore be higher.

Type of part Average cost
Walk-in shower €600 to €1,900
Wall tiles per square metre €40 to €90
Floor tiles per m2 € 45 to € 90
Installation of luxury shower drain € 300 to € 500
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

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