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Many of us like to start the day with a fresh head and jump in the shower as soon as we wake up. Others prefer to take a nice shower in the evening in preparation for a good night's sleep. It doesn't really matter at what time you prefer to shower. What is important, however, is a comfortable shower that gives you enough space. Increasingly, we Dutch are opting for a walk-in shower. How should you make such a walk-in shower and what are the costs for a walk-in shower? The Zoofy plumbers are happy to help you out!


What are the benefits of making a walk-in shower?

Installing a walk-in shower brings numerous interesting benefits:

Easy entry: Installing a walk-in shower is especially convenient for small children, the elderly or people who, for whatever reason, can't (no longer) walk well. With a classic shower stall you always have to step up a little to enter your shower, a bathroom with a walk-in shower helps get rid of this problem.
Placeable in all sizes: Making a walk-in shower can be realized in any bathroom, after all, you choose the dimensions all by yourself.
Creates a lot of space: It gives a spacious feeling.
Modern look: Making a walk-in shower is really something of our time and gives a contemporary, modern look to your bathroom.
No heat difference: Since a walk-in shower is placed on the same level as the entire bathroom, there is no heat difference when getting out.
Many decoration options: Numerous shower walls, doors and tiles are available to create a walk-in shower that completely suits your personal preference.
Cost control: The cost of a walk-in shower runs as high as you allow. The cost depends heavily on all the additional options. Are you satisfied with a standard model without too many extras? Then the cost of your walk-in shower will stay within reason.
Why it is better to outsource the installation of a walk-in shower to experienced plumbers

Installing a walk-in shower is not as simple as it seems. Waterproofing such a shower is a tough job, and if it is done incorrectly, you will experience frequent flooding in your bathroom. In addition, high-quality grout is crucial to prevent discoloration and contamination. Our professionals have a thorough knowledge of walk-in shower making and they are also equipped with all the necessary tools to complete this job so that you can enjoy your luxurious shower space for as long as possible.

What are the costs for a walk-in shower?

Exactly how much your walk-in shower will cost is determined by the following factors. To give you a better idea of the total average price tag (installation costs + material costs) for installing a walk-in shower, below is a general overview.

Walk-in Shower Costs
Basic shower enclosure without shower tray €1300
Basic shower tray and shower enclosure €1400
Luxury shower enclosure without shower tray €3750
Luxury shower enclosure and shower tray €3950
Walk-in shower with or without a shower tray

Those who choose to make a practical walk-in shower go for a walk-in shower with a shower tray. A shower tray facilitates the drainage of water by means of a small pit in the tray. The disadvantages associated with a shower tray are maintenance and less attractive appearance. A good alternative in this case, is a relatively low shower tray so that the design still looks nice all in all. A shower tray costs on average between €150 and €800, depending on the color, material, brand, size...and so on. Are you having a walk-in shower installed without a shower tray but directly on the tiled floor? Then you save yourself these costs.


Walk-in shower with or without shower enclosure

A second element that determines the price of a walk-in shower is whether or not to install a shower enclosure. The cost of a shower wall is influenced by the material chosen for the wall (PVC, acrylic, glass, etc.) and the size of the shower panel. The cheapest shower enclosures can be found from as little as €100, and this can easily run into the thousands, depending on your personal taste.


Price of parts to connect everything

It is advisable to allow a little room in your budget for all the extra parts needed to make a walk-in shower. Think about screws and small assembly pieces.


Additional options

Because taking a shower after getting rid of dirt and bacteria is mainly meant to completely unwind, more and more people are dreaming of making a walk-in shower equipped with as many extra options as possible. The main applications for this are as follows:



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