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Widening internal doors

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Widen interior doors via Zoofy. Here, you book a professional for this job right away. This will allow you to move around the house easily again.

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Widening interior doors via Zoofy

Easily have your interior doors widened through Zoofy so you can continue to live at home longer. Should you want to get through the doors more easily with a wheelchair or walker? Then you can choose to have your door frames widened through Zoofy. At Zoofy, this is easily arranged. Read below why you should choose Zoofy. You decide when the professional comes to you. You can also book a professional in a hurry.

Your comfort is our priority

Zoofy is the best in the business when it comes to making your home cozier and more comfortable. The design and installation of your wider interior doors is done by professionals who score an average of 9.2 out of 10. That is why you can always choose Zoofy when you want quality. Does something go wrong unexpectedly? Then you can use the Zoofy warranty package.

No costs, no hassle

We make it easier than ever to find a professional for your home - just tell us what you want us to do, and we'll take care of the rest. No quotes, no phone calls, no hassle! Instantly book your professional in just four easy steps.

Widening interior doors is a way to enlarge the doors in your home. It is a relatively simple process that involves removing the door frames and enlarging the door. This can be done by adding an additional piece of wood or by replacing the existing door.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of door widening


The advantages of widening interior doors are that it makes the space in your home larger and more spacious. It can also increase the value of your home.


The disadvantages of widening interior doors are that it is a time-consuming process and can be costly. It is also a job best left to a professional because it is a precision job.

What are the possible costs of door widening

The possible cost of widening interior doors depends on the size of the door and the materials you use. It can range from a few tens of euros to hundreds of euros.

Book a professional for door widening through Zoofy

We recommend that you leave the widening of interior doors to a professional. They have the right knowledge and experience to get the job done right. Moreover, they can help you choose the right materials and determine the costs. Via Zoofy the hourly rates are clear in advance. This way you will never be unpleasantly surprised.

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