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How much does it cost to unclog a toilet

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Costs of unclogging a toilet

Since the average person goes to the toilet about 2,500 times a year, it is expected that things will go wrong eventually. The more people use the same toilet, the more likely problems are to occur. While toilets are meant to last for decades with little to no maintenance or hassle, that doesn't mean they won't have occasional clogs that need to be fixed. If you have regular clogs or an occasional backup, it may be time to hire a professional to fix the problem before it causes a major plumbing nightmare.

The average cost for unclogging a toilet is between €150 and €600. Most people spend around €275 to use an electric auger or hydrojet to clean the toilet drain and remove any foreign objects or debris that may be blocking the drain and to make any necessary repairs. At the lower end of the price range, you can spend as little as €150 on a simple drain snake or professional chemical treatment. At the high end, some people will pay as much as €1,000 for severe clogs that have been left unattended and have caused a sewer blockage or pipes that need replacing.

Toilet unblocking costs
Toilet unclogging costs
Average cost €275
Average range €150-€600
Minimum cost €100
Maximum cost €1,000

Costs for unblocking a toilet per method

The average costs for unblocking a toilet range from €150 to €700 depending on the type of material or unblocking method used and the amount of labour, time and equipment required. There are several ways to unclog a toilet. Which one your plumber uses will depend on the type of clog you are dealing with and how severe it is. In the table and subsections below, we will look at the average cost of each method of unclogging a toilet, what each method entails and why it can be used.

Method: Average Cost
(materials and labour)
With a hose €150 - €200
Hose with camera €250 - €450
Toilet jack €300 - €350
Hydro Jet €300 - €500
Toilet removal €400 - €500
Waste pipe clearing €600 - €700
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Costs for unclogging a toilet

The average cost to flush a toilet with a standard hose is about € 150 to € 200. If a clog is small, a manual hose can remove the small or medium-sized clog. A small auger is attached to the end of the hose which is used to remove the debris. However, this will not be a permanent solution as it does not remove the build-up of debris that can cause problems on the sides of the pipes. However, it can be a short-term solution or provide a one-off solution to an occasional blockage.

Toilet hose with camera

The average cost to have your toilet inspected and cleared by a toilet snake with a camera is $250 to $450, depending on how much of the toilet and drain needs to be inspected and what type of camera is used. In some cases, the plumber may use a camera hose to look down the drain and locate the blockage or identify the type of blockage before doing any work. These cameras provide high-resolution images of what is in the drain to determine the proper solution. The service is usually included with the hosing and clearing of the drain when performed, but has its own costs.

Auger clogged toilet

The average cost for boring a clogged toilet is between €300 and €350, depending on the type and size of the auger needed for the job and how long it takes. A drill is also known as an electric snake and can be used for severe blockages that cannot be resolved with a simpler snake solution or other treatment option. This is a service best performed by professionals who know how to use the tool, as a drill with the wrong size can cause damage or not handle the severity of the blockage.

Hydro Jetting Costs

For those with more serious cleaning needs, the average cost of hydro jetting is around €300 to €500 . Hydro jetting allows you to remove leftover sewage, hair, grease, soap and other things that can build up in the sewer over time. This solution involves the use of high-pressure water, so it may not be ideal for all clogs or older pipes that may crumble under stress. It is up to the plumber to decide if this is an effective solution for your clog.

Removing a toilet to unblock it

Taking a toilet apart takes time. Most plumbing professionals charge around £400 to £500 for this job. Anything that takes more time to complete will make the repair more expensive. Like access to the pipe, there may be cases where a clog requires the removal of the toilet. This often happens when there is a foreign object near the toilet base or where it flows into the drain. This type of clog removal will incur a higher cost due to the removal of the toilet, but it may be the best option in some cases.

Clearing a clogged toilet drain pipe

In some cases it may be necessary to open the pipe to clear a complete blockage, costing around €600 to €700. To clear a clogged toilet drain pipe, a camera may be used to identify the blockage, remove foreign objects or build-up, or other removal. The pipe is usually opened at the seam closest to the clog. It is messier and requires more effort, but it may be the only choice in some cases. Make sure you talk to your plumber and get an accurate diagnosis so you don't do more work than necessary.


Cost to unclog toilet per location

The average cost for unclogging a toilet based on the location of the clog is between €200 and €700. Because of things like accessibility and the parts or tools needed to remove clogs, the price of this service varies depending on the location of the clog. Plumbers can give you better advice once they see what is going on, but this information will give you a general idea of what to expect. In the table and subsections below we discuss the most common clog locations, how much they cost to fix and what each entails.

What causes a toilet to clog?

Toilet clogs can be caused by something as simple as using too much of the wrong kind of toilet paper, or something more serious like your main sewer line becoming damaged or infiltrated. In most cases, a clogged toilet is the result of someone flushing something they shouldn't. Small children are notorious for flushing toys and other materials down the toilet. But they are not the only ones in the house to blame. Adults sometimes flush things they shouldn't, such as feminine hygiene products, tissues and wrappers. Then there are things like toothpaste caps, hair accessories and cotton buds that accidentally fall into the toilet and get flushed. Even too much toilet paper (or stool) can clog a toilet.

Hard water can also be the cause of toilet backups. It is full of minerals such as calcium, which over time get into the downspout, clogging it. Too much chlorine can also be a problem. Chlorine is added to public water pipes to kill bacteria, but it can damage the plastic or rubber parts in the toilet. This can prevent it from flushing properly, preventing the complete flushing of dirt. This ultimately causes any remaining dirt to clog. Whether you have toys that have been flushed down the toilet drain or a build-up of hard water debris, you need to clear the clog as soon as possible to prevent further damage.

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