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What does weed removal cost

Wednesday 28 December 2022

Costs of weed removal

What exactly are the costs for weed removal? The cost of removing weeds between the tiles costs €29 per hour. The final cost is determined by the number of square meters of the garden and how long the gardener is busy weeding.  Good to know is that these are average costs. Every garden is different. You may have just bought a new home. The maintenance of the garden has recently been neglected. As a result, it can be quite a job to remove all the weeds. For the costs of weed removal we calculate with an hourly rate. The more hours the professional works, the higher the cost.

Table costs for weed removal

See below the average hourly rates of our professional gardeners and our handyman. 

Type of gardener Cost
Hourly rate professional gardener €50, - to €60, - per hour.
Hourly rate for garden help €29,- per hour

Why remove weeds

Removing weeds between tiles is a job that not everyone enjoys doing. Yet few people find weeds between the tiles a pleasant sight. Weeds, unfortunately, always grow. Getting rid of weeds is the only way to make sure they don't keep spreading in your garden. You can choose to remove the weeds yourself. Don't have a green thumb or the time for it? Then you can hire our handyman service. For an attractive, fixed hourly rate, students will come and remove all the weeds between the tiles. In this article we will discuss the costs of weed removal by a professional. This way you can calculate how much you will spend on average for a weed-free garden.

The time the professional spends on weed removal has to do with:

size of your garden
Surface of your garden
state of the garden

We'll walk through these 3 factors one by one.

1. Size of your garden and influence on hourly rate

First of all it depends on the work you want the professional to do. Do you opt for only removing weeds or are there also pruning tasks that you want done? Removing weeds in a small garden will take less time than in a large garden. An average garden requires 4 hours of maintenance by the professional. This includes other garden work. Are you going for just weed removal? Then the professional may be done in as little as 2 hours.

2. Subsoil of your garden and weed removal

There are gardens with a subsoil of broken rubble, tarpaulin or just soil/clay. Depending on the subsoil, weeds come up. Weeds are a lot more stuck on a subsoil that consists of just soil. In addition, the professional must work with care for the environment. This makes weed removal a time-consuming job if it's pretty stuck. Having weeds removed gives you as a homeowner time and the guarantee of a weed-free garden.

3. Condition of your garden.

Some gardens can be compared to a jungle. In addition to weed removal, pruning and plant removal is needed. A garden that has a lot of tiles and is well maintained is faster to make weed free. And especially if the weeds are not meters high, removing weeds can be done in a short time. Removing weeds does not have to be an expensive and lengthy job. The garden will look better when you have the weeds removed.

What are weeds?

Have you just bought a new house and is your garden a wilderness? Chances are you don't always see the difference between weeds and perennials at first glance. Weeds are something that many people don't think are neat in the garden. There are also weeds that are accompanied by thistles and prickles. Not pleasant to sit in the garden like that. Let alone if you have pets or children who can hurt them.

Weeds grow mainly between the tiles and between perennials. The nasty thing about weeds is that they can cause damage to your garden. Lots of weeds between the tiles can cause gaps. And in extreme cases, it can even cause height differences in your garden.

In addition, weeds are not beneficial to the other plants in your garden. Your beloved perennials get less nutrients because of the weeds. Weeds draw from the same soil as those beautiful perennials in your garden. In addition to removing weeds, countering them is also a good idea. Sprinkling cocoa shells and wood chips on bare patches of soil will go a long way toward stopping weeds. Ground covers of plants also reduce weeds in the garden.


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