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Repair costs roof leak

Tuesday 28 December 2021

Is your roof leaking? Then we advise you to call in a professional quickly. Roof leakage can cause major damage to your home if you wait too long. Many people wonder about the costs of roof leakage. Especially the flat roof leakage costs can be quite pricey. We will tell you more about the average costs. You can also contact us for the right professional. So that you can get rid of that nasty roof leak quickly!

Costs of roof leakage

The cost of having a roof leak repaired will depend on the situation. Firstly, the size of the leakage is of influence. Does the whole roof need to be replaced? Or can the leak be repaired locally? A leak can also affect the roof structure. In this case, the costs of a roof leak will be higher on average. This is because an entirely new roof must be installed. The type of roof (flat or sloping) and the material on the roof also influence the price. It is wise not to wait too long. You can only repair a roof leak if the roof construction has not yet been affected. If you have a flat roof, it may seem as if the costs are low. It takes a professional to repair a flat roof. If you have a flat roof with water damage, check whether you are insured for this leak.

Flat roof leakage repair costs

What does it cost to renovate or repair a flat roof? This is an average cost overview:

Tasks Costs per m2
Repair of pitched roof €130 - €210
Repair flat roof €225-€285
Renovation of a pitched roof €10 - €150
Flat roof refurbishment €25 - €80
*The cost overview above is the price per m2, including VAT and is an indication price. A repair will cost more per square metre. The professional can think along with you about the best solution. So that you can be sure that the leak has been repaired. And that you can enjoy a leak-free roof for a long time.

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