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Bitumen roofing

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Installing bitumen roofing

If you want to renew your flat roofing, you will have several options to choose from. Are you considering having a bituminous roofing installed? Then you will probably be curious to know more. Below you will discover more about the bitumen roof replacement costs and benefits!

What is bitumen roofing?

Bitumen was first used to waterproof ships. Nowadays you will find it mostly on flat roofs as roofing material. Bitumen, also known as roofing leather, is created during the production of crude oil and is used especially often because it has numerous useful properties. It is waterproof, strong and so on.

If you choose bitumen, there are two options. You can choose bitumen with APP (Atactic polypropylene) that means it is processed with an elastic plastic. This makes it more flexible and even more bendable. If you choose this then it will be even more resistant to different weather conditions and therefore require even less maintenance.

The second option is SBS (Styrene Butadiene Styrene) this type of bitumen is also very flexible and above all has greater adhesive power. This adhesive strength will significantly reduce the chance of leaks. The disadvantage is that it is not uv-resistant. Therefore, it is often finished with a coating.

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