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Lead and zinc work

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Lead and zinc work is a profession apart. In case of aged zinc work, cracks may occur so that the seal is no longer watertight. Prevent leaks and make an appointment directly with a roofer in your area.

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There is one very clear reason why different metals have been utilized for generations: dependability. The same is true for zinc. Additionally, zinc is incredibly robust. Zinc and copper can be used to create anything, including roofs, gutters, decorations, rainwater drains, tanks, coverings, and cladding. Zinc is a highly dependable material for roofing and cladding. Zinc is recyclable and has a long lifespan. The primary benefit of using zinc is that it requires almost minimal upkeep.

Standing seam and ridge roofs made of zinc are frequently utilized on roofs. The most typical material used to create gutters is zinc. Rainwater may be handled properly by zinc. Zinc's resilience stops leaks and saves water damage to your property. Like lead, zinc may be completely recycled. So, selecting zinc is also an environmental choice.


The craftsmen of Zoofy are experts in numerous lead structures. From roof terraces to dormers and skylights. They are capable of handling all of your lead and zinc work. Sloping roofs have a lot of zinc and lead components, like hoods and gutters. All work with zinc and lead is custom-made using cutting-edge machines for bending and soldering.

Since the beginning of time, lead has been utilized as a material. Today, lead is mostly utilized in wall and roof structures to block moisture. Lead is a product that is very durable and has a long service life. As a result, lead is frequently employed in building.

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