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A roof can be covered in many different ways. Depending on the type of building you can opt for single or multi-layer roofing. Describe your wishes and make an appointment directly with a roofer in your area.

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Install or replace roofing material

Installing roofing is a job for the professional. He can provide your house with beautiful and waterproof tiles or roofing membrane at favorable prices. On Zoofy, you can quickly compare the different craftsmen and their roofing prices

There are a few different popular types of roofing. Here we discuss the advantages, disadvantages and rates of each type of roofing, and how roofing installation works.

Why have (new) roofing installed?

Roofing keeps natural weather conditions such as rain, snow, hail, wind and bright sun out. This protects you and your belongings from the effects of moisture and cold. Roofing also keeps the heat of your house inside, and keeps your house extra cool in the hot summer days. The insulating and water-resistant value of roofing are therefore important. Finally, installing good roofing also offers protection against noise from outside. Not unimportant if you live in a busy area or along a main road.

The top layer of roofing on your house has practical, but also decorative value. One person thinks classic red roof tiles are fantastic, the other not to look at. Likewise, there are people with strong opinions about roofing made of plastic, roofing leather and metal sheets. In the end, it comes down to your own taste as to which type of covering you will choose.

What types of roofing can you have installed?

You have a lot of choices if you want to have a new roof laid. Insulation from the outside world and appearance are two important characteristics of the material you choose. But also, some materials last much longer than others, which can make them a better investment. Furthermore, not every type of roofing material can be laid on a flat roof or, on the contrary, on a curved roof. And then, of course, you may find it important to choose roofing materials that are produced in a sustainable way and/or can be recycled.

For just under ten thousand years people have been making roofs on their houses. In that long time, many different materials have been added. And a professional can put any of those materials on your home.

You have a choice of natural materials, which are often durable and beautiful, but can be pricey. Reed, slate, clay or concrete roof tiles and wood shingles are examples.
Plastics and composite materials are affordable, waterproof, and highly resistant to damage. They can also be laid fairly easily, making labor costs low. Bitumen (roofing leather), PVC, EPDM and plastic shingle roofs are popular choices.
Metal roofs (zinc, copper, aluminum) can be incredibly attractive and have a very long life.
A green roof is covered with succulents or taller flowering plants and shrubs. To get the plants on the roof, soil, special cassettes or vegetated mats can be placed on the roof. This has advantages for the insulation, nature value and water storage capacity of a house. However, water drainage must be in good order, and the roof must be able to support the weight of soil.

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