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In case of strong winds, a pan will sometimes fly from the roof. Or the old roof tiles are so weakened that it breaks and can quickly cause water damage. Make an appointment directly with a roofer in your area.

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Roof tiles replaced by a professional from Zoofy

When we talk about roofing here in the Netherlands, the vast majority of people immediately think of roof tiles. Both ceramic roof tiles and concrete roof tiles, guarantee a very long life of your roof. Have you bought a slightly older property and the roofing is in urgent need of replacement or do you just feel like reviving the covering of your home? Replacing roof tiles can be done for a variety of reasons and thorough expertise is required to complete this job successfully. Find out below what the Zoofy options are and how much it will cost to replace your roof tiles.

Why is shingle replacement useful?

There are several things that can prompt you to replace your roof tiles:

For aesthetic reasons: Just as is the case for the interior of our home, sometimes we want to give a different look to the exterior of our property. Replacing roof tiles gives your home a complete makeover and the value of your home can also skyrocket as a result.
For compelled reasons: Nature is out of our control. Sudden heavy gusts of wind, have caused serious damage to a roof on more than one occasion. If you too have fallen victim to such a gust, you have no choice but to replace your roof tiles.
To avoid serious inconveniences: Old and brittle roof tiles are no longer completely waterproof and increase the risk of leaks in your home. To avoid this, it is recommended to replace your roof tiles before it is too late.

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