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Cost of replacing or installing shower drain

Wednesday 06 March 2024

Cost of installing a shower drain

The cost of installing a shower drain at €150 - €400 per drain. Your actual price will depend on the size of the job, the conditions and the finishing options you choose. A shower drain is an essential part of any bathroom as it directs water away from the floors, through the plumbing pipes and into the sewer system. Proper installation is essential to enjoy a seamless shower system without drainage problems.

Cost of installing or replacing the shower drain

Shower drain installation: the average costs

The national average material cost for installing a shower drain is €56.20 per drain, with a range between €50.42 and €61.98. The total price for labour and materials per drain is €300, ranging between €275 and €350. Your actual price will depend on your location, scope of work, circumstances and finishing options you choose.

Cost To Install A Shower Drain
Average material cost per drain €56.20
Average Cost ( labour and material ) for 1 drain €300
Cost Range ( labour and material ) for 1 drain €275 - €350
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Preparation steps

Homeowners must choose between traditional point and linear drains, depending on the slope of the floor. A traditional shower drain requires the floor to slope on all sides to direct the water into the pipe. Linear drains are placed against the wall and not in the middle of the shower. The size of the drain depends on the water flow of the shower. Homeowners want a shower drain that can drain water quickly to prevent water damage to floors.

Shower drain installation costs

There are several costs associated with installing a shower drain, including dimensions, materials, fittings and labour. PVC or plastic shower drains with covers are usually at the lower end of the price scale, moving upwards with materials such as steel, chrome, brass and nickel. High-quality steel that is resistant to rusting is usually more expensive than other materials, but lasts a long time. Larger drains naturally cost more than smaller ones. If the shower drain area requires structural or surface changes, installation costs will increase.

Consult a professional plumber

A shower drain installation requires good initial planning. If a new shower is being built, a suitable drain hole must be made at a good angle. If there is an existing hole, the right size drain should be purchased. Since a shower drain plays a crucial role in preventing water stagnation in the shower, it is best for homeowners to seek the help of a professional plumber. A plumber has the technical expertise to do the job properly without the risk of water leakage and mold-causing stagnation.

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