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How much does it cost to knock down a wall?

Thursday 02 May 2024

Cost of removing an internal wall

The cost of removing an internal wall varies between €300 and €1,000 for removing a non-load bearing wall in the house. The cost of removing a load-bearing wall varies between €1,200 and €3,000 for a single-storey house. Keep in mind that prices can go up to € 3,200 to € 10,000 for houses with more than one floor.

Even if they are not load-bearing, walls are important for the structure of your house. They can house electrical, sanitary and other spaces. Therefore, always consult a professional structural engineer to ensure that the removal will not compromise the structural integrity of your home. Similarly, a licensed and experienced professional should perform the work.

Average costs for wall removal
Average cost €1,200
High cost €10,000
Low cost € 300
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Costs for removing a bearing wall

If you are removing a load-bearing wall in a single-storey house, the project costs range from €1,200 to €3,000. For multi-storey houses, expect to pay between €3,200 and €10,000. The exact prices depend on the size and requirements of the project.

Homeowners may choose to invest in this costly and time-consuming project for several reasons, including:

  • to create a more open floor plan in an older home,
  • to make room for larger possessions, such as large televisions and furniture,
  • To increase resale value, and/or appeal to potential buyers.

Cost of demolishing an interior wall

Cost to replace a bearing wall with a beam

Costs for installing a steel beam range from £1,300 to £5,000, but will vary based on the size and type of steel beam chosen and the labour required to install it. The more popular and cost-effective option, beams made of laminated veneer wood, range in price from €55 to €400 each, excluding installation.

You cannot remove a load-bearing wall without installing an alternative support structure in its place. A professional must always size and install your joist. Incorrectly installed support beams can lead to jammed doors and windows, sagging or cracked ceilings and uneven floors. More importantly, your house will no longer be structurally sound and may even collapse.

Creating half walls and passages between two rooms

Creating a half wall or passageway can open up space between living areas. Even if you only remove part of the wall, you should consult a professional to make sure it is done properly. You may also want to add a countertop to use as a breakfast bar, a project ranging in price from €1,850 to €4,150.

Average cost to demolish a non-load-bearing wall

On average, homeowners pay between €300 and €1,000 to remove a non-load bearing wall. Cost factors to take into account include the size of the job, the number of service lines a professional has to move and site conditions.

You do not need a supporting structure, but you should still consult a professional, even if you plan to do the work yourself.

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