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Costs of parquet flooring

Wednesday 05 June 2024

Are you ready for a new floor? Then you have a choice of several options. Carpet, tiles, laminate or parquet. A parquet floor is a real asset to your home and can be used as floor insulation. Parquet floors give your home a natural and warm look. Would you like to know what a parquet floor is and what possibilities there are? Are you curious what the work can consist of, what it costs to hire a professional and what other costs you have to take into account? Read all about it in this blog.

What is a parquet floor?

A parquet floor consists of wooden planks that are clicked together. You have the choice of solid parquet or lamella parquet. Solid parquet consists of planks from one piece of wood. Solid parquet can be sanded up to three times and has a lifespan of up to 50 years. Multilayer parquet consists of planks made up of several layers of wood. Engineered wood can be sanded only once and has a service life of "only" 15 years. Due to the variety of wood species and installation options, each parquet floor has a unique appearance. Please note that parquet flooring requires maintenance in the form of sanding, varnishing or oiling and is not suitable for damp rooms.

The costs for laying a parquet floor

Parquet floor prices can vary considerably. The price that you ultimately pay for laying parquet depends on the type of parquet floor. There is cheap and expensive parquet and the price is largely determined by the type of wood and its thickness. The laying method, floating or glued down, also affects the costs of a parquet floor.
To successfully lay a parquet floor, a level sub-floor is required. Take this into account. The professional, who you can book quickly and easily via Zoofy, will certainly point this out to you. To give you an idea of parquet floor prices, the following table is included. Parquet floor prices quoted include VAT.

Component Price per m2 including VAT
Solid oak parquet without laying and finishing €25-30
Solid oak parquet 10 mm thick, sanded but without laying €30-€35
Solid oak parquet 20 mm thick, sanded but without installation € 40 to € 45
Parquet veneer with a wood top layer €45 to €50
Craftsman costs for laying parquet € 30
Underlay installation € 6
Placing flat skirting boards € 2.50 to € 4.50
Placing high skirting boards € 6 to € 8
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

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