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Garage door replacement costs

Tuesday 13 December 2022

Are you considering replacing your garage door? Or do you dream of turning your garage into a beautiful space and want to replace your garage door with a facade? Would you like to know what possibilities there are, what costs you might incur and what you need to take into account? Read all about it in this blog. There is much more possible than you think.

Replacing a garage door with a frame

If you are going to replace your garage door, you will be faced with many choices. When we talk about replacing in this blog, we mean replacing your existing garage door with a different type of door, fa├žade or frame and having a different layout.
This is usually the case when you want to convert your garage into another space. For example, you can turn the garage into a hobby room, a garden room or the garage into a kitchen. A new use for the garage also requires a well-considered choice.

Costs for replacing the garage door by a frame

Precisely because there are so many possibilities, the costs of replacing a garage door by a frame with doors or windows can vary enormously. The material, the type of frame and the labour costs also influence these costs. However, to give you an idea of the garage door replacement costs, the table below is inserted. All options are fitted with HR++ glass. The prices mentioned are exclusive of VAT.

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