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Costs of leak detection

Monday 10 June 2024

Have you discovered a leak in your home? Then it is wise to tackle it quickly. This way, you can prevent major damage. Having a leak is also something that causes inconvenience. Where exactly the leak is, is in many cases the biggest job. The professional can help you with this. Because he knows where a leak can occur, it goes faster. He is also skilled in solving the leak. There may be woodwork that needs to be replaced. Or that the leak has caused damage to your plasterwork. You probably want to know: what are the leakage detection costs in total? Zoofy tells you more about it. Zoofy also offers the professional for this job.

Leak detection costs

On average, leak detection costs between €300 and €400. You can get leaks in all sorts of places. A leak can occur in a great many places. In the basement, under the roof, near a wall, a water pipe, a gutter or a ceiling. Finding a leak ensures better hygiene in your home. A leak gives mould every opportunity to grow. And mould growth is bad for your health in the long run. In addition, a leak causes damage to your home. Think of a floor that needs to be completely replaced. Or cracks in your parquet floor.

Overview leak detection costs

See below the different costs for the detection of a leak in and around the house.

Activities Costs
Tracing a leak €300 - €400
 Repair sloping deck €75 - €130 per m2 
 Gutter repair €100-€200
 Flat roof repair €100-€200 per m2
 Removing the shower tray €300 - €400
 Replace flat roof drain €150-€200
 Replace lead flashing €65 -€75 p/m excluding VAT 
 Removing the shower tray €300-€400
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

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