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Concrete look plastering costs

Saturday 10 December 2022

Average costs concrete plaster

It is important to know the cost of concrete plaster if you plan to install it. Yet it is not easy to name one fixed price for concrete. The cost of concrete concrete depends on several factors.

On average you can count on a price of 100 euros per square meter. These are the costs for uncoloured concrete on the wall. The price can vary a lot. Below you get a more detailed overview of the costs of concrete plaster!

Costs concrete plaster per application
Surface area Cost
Walls € 80 - € 100 per m2
Floor € 80 - € 145 per m²
Stairs € 2.000 in total
Kitchen worktop Around € 650 per running meter
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Concrete ciré is a waterproof material that gives your home a tough look. It is becoming more and more popular and has many applications. Are you considering to use concrete in your bathroom or kitchen? Then it is useful to first find out more about the concrete ciré price below!

What is concrete look

Concrete ciré is a cement-based plaster which is used mostly in the kitchen and bathroom. This is because the material has durable, water-resistant and hygienic properties. It is used for walls, fireplaces, showers, floors and much more. Want to know what else is possible? Don't hesitate to ask one of our experts for advice!

Determining the price

The cost of concrete depends on several factors. Below you will find the most important ones!

Type of application

As you have seen above, there are many applications for concrete. The price you pay depends on the job you have done. For example, the concrete cire floor costs are higher than the concrete cire price for a staircase.

Professional or not?

The concrete ciré in bathroom costs and the concrete ciré floor costs also depend heavily on whether you hire a professional for the job or not. It goes without saying that a professional will cost you a bit more, but this way you choose for certainty.

Extra options

The concrete plaster floor costs and the concrete plaster in bathroom costs also depend on whether you take extra options or not. Below we give you an overview of the different options.

Concrete Cire extra options price
Extra options Cost per m2
Sanding € 15 to € 25 
Turnover € 15 to € 30
Book a plasterer

Advantages of concrete

Maybe you still doubt between concrete plaster for your kitchen or bathroom and other plaster. In that case it is good to know the advantages. For example, concrete ciré is a good choice if you want to give your home a tough look. In addition, it is waterproof and does not wear out. This also means that it lasts a long time.

Do you want to clean the material? Then this is very easy. A beton cire floor or wall saves you a lot of time. But the material has another big advantage: it can be applied to almost any surface. It is not only possible to choose for a concrete cire floor, but also the walls, the toilet and other surfaces can be covered with concrete cire.

Applications of concrete plaster

When you think of concrete sealant, a concrete floor probably comes to mind immediately, but there are many more applications. Discover the different possibilities below!


When you use concrete in the kitchen, you give the room a robust look. You can not only choose for a concrete floor in the kitchen, but you can also have the walls and even the kitchen top taken care of.


Concrete Cire in the bathroom is another popular application. That is not hard to believe. Your bathroom is the place where you come to rest. A beautiful interior is very important. Concrete ciré is used in the bathroom for the floor, walls and furniture.


Do you want to give your hall a tough look? Then it is possible to use concrete ciré on your stairs. Ideal for industrial homes or just when you want something tougher.


One of the best known applications for biton ciré is the floor. The advantage is that you can combine it with natural materials and that it can be used in any room. So, not only is a concrete floor possible in the bathroom, but also in the living room, bedroom, hallway, dining room or kitchen.


Another popular choice is concrete plaster for the wall. It gives the wall a unique and peaceful look, without being boring. There are many different colours available

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