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Concrete stucco by Zoofy

Sprucing up your home with stucco is always a good choice! If you opt for stucco, there will be a lot of options. Do you love a tough concrete look? Then concrete ciré is highly recommended. Wondering if this is the best choice for you? Then read on quickly, because below you will discover all about the costs of concrete ciré, the application possibilities and much more!

The many advantages of concrete ciré

Concrete ciré is a form of concrete stucco. People who opt for plaster are increasingly choosing concrete ciré, probably because it gives such a beautiful and cool look to a home. But this stucco has many other advantages!


One of its major advantages is that it is waterproof. This is the reason why concrete ciré is usually chosen in bathrooms or kitchens. In fact, a waterproof finish is necessary for these damp rooms.

Tight and seamless

This material is seamless and therefore has a sleek look. This is why it is often used in modern or industrial interiors. Moreover, walls (or floors) made of concrete cire are much easier to clean and more hygienic, as mould hardly has a chance.

Hard-wearing and durable

Concrete ciré is hard-wearing and therefore very durable. Because it is made of cement and lime, it is very strong. Moreover, it is often finished with a special coating that makes the material moisture- and scratch-resistant.

Concrete ciré colours

So concrete ciré has many advantages. Moreover, it is available in different colours, so it fits nicely into any interior. Concrete look colours are made by adding colour pigments to the mixture. Because the intention is usually to create a concrete look, concrete ciré colours are usually shades of grey, but not necessarily.

You can also choose more striking concrete ciré colours. If you choose bold concrete ciré colours, you should be aware that this will not give the same effect as painting. Nor is that the intention. You will find beautiful dark and light shades on your walls (or floor). This creates a unique look!

Concrete ceramic applications

Concrete ceramic has many possible applications. You can choose concrete ciré for your bathroom, for your floor and so much more. Would you like to know what the best options are for you? Below we give you more information on the different applications!


Concrete ciré for the bathroom is one of the most popular applications. The concrete look stucco is therefore ideal for the bathroom because it is moisture-resistant and very hygienic, as you no longer have to bother with dirt between the joints. Besides, if you want concrete ciré in your bathroom, it will give your bathroom a unique look. Because you can have it plastered over your old tiles, you save yourself the cost of breaking out the bathroom tiles.

You can have both your bathroom walls and floor done. This way, you will create an even tougher look. Moreover, you will then be able to clean your bathroom even easier, which is a great advantage!

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