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Costs of a closet installation

Wednesday 07 February 2024

Costs of cabinet assembly on average

The costs for closet assembly depend on the dimensions of the closet. Mounting a simple bookcase costs €50,- to €60,- A large closet or TV cabinet can cost up to €150,-. Book your handyman right here.

To do some comparative research. What does it cost to have a cabinet mounted on average? The nice thing about assembling furniture is that the craftsman can do this independently. If you are around during the assembly yourself, the labor time may be reduced. Think about getting the necessary tools ready. Helping you hold a shelf so the handyman can fix it for you. But also very practical: pointing out where you would like the cabinet to be. At what height you want the shelves. And of course it's very nice if you provide enough space for the cabinet to be assembled. In addition, a clean floor and a pet-free room is also a must. We have divided the price of furniture assembly into a table, based on the type of furniture.

Cost overview furniture assembly

See below the overview of all costs per cabinet. There is a price difference in the size of the closet.

Type of bookcase Costs for assembly
Simple bookcase €50 - €60
Simple TV cabinet € 125 - € 150,-
Other simple cabinets € 125,- - € 150,-
 Standard closet €125,- - €150,-
 Bed furniture ( if simple ) €50 - €70
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously done. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Help with closet assembly 

Cupboards are extremely handy. You can neatly store all your stuff in them. In every room of your house you can find a closet. Suppose you have picked out two large cupboards. But assembling the cabinet is a job you don't want to do? Or if you are very busy and you would like to outsource this job? Then know that we at Zoofy have a great offer for you. With us you can find the handyman service. These are students with muscles and insight. They will be happy to help you assemble all your cabinets at a fixed hourly rate of €29. So you don't have to put off buying your dream cabinets any longer. Whether it's a bookcase or closet, the handyman service from Zoofy knows what to do. The costs for closet assembly in this article are averages. They do give a good indication of how much labor it takes per closet.

Explanation bookcase assembly costs

Having a simple bookcase assembled is one of the cheaper assembly options. Generally speaking, the more form and complexity of furniture assembly, the higher the cost.
Available space, help and ceiling height also affect the price.

1. Simple standing bookcase

Is your bookcase 1 meter wide and 2 meters high? Then this falls under the simple standing bookcase. On average it does not take much time for the craftsman to assemble this bookcase. For higher and / or wider bookcases, there is an additional cost. On average, a professional can spend half an hour to an hour longer on a larger bookcase.

2. Simple hanging bookcase

A hanging bookcase, however simple, is another story. Precision and measuring are important here. It is very important that the bookcase is mounted level and firmly. With a hanging bookcase, a number of drills in the wall are indispensable to mount the bookcase properly. This even applies to newly built houses. A simple hanging bookcase will take an average of one hour of work by the craftsman. It is nice if he has a hand in this. Only help with hanging is sufficient.

3. Costs of TV furniture and other simple furniture

TV furniture and other cabinets fall under the same cost heading. Count on one hour of work for floor-standing models, and up to two hours for hanging cabinets.

Costs for assembling a closet

There is a big difference in wardrobes. There are simple closets with a hanging section and a shelf. But also large sliding closets. Or a combination of the two. If you choose a closet with built-in light, it will cost more labor.

Costs for assembling a standard closet

By a standard closet we mean a wardrobe that is 1 meter wide and 2 meters high. The wardrobe has two doors. Furthermore, the cabinet has a limited number of shelves. Assembling this wardrobe is relatively easy. The larger the cabinet and the more options: the higher the costs. But also: the more work is taken out of your hands. On average, a standard closet will cost between €125 and €150 to assemble.



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