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Facade cleaning by a professional facade specialist

A clean facade is important for the appearance of your home. A facade cleaning is therefore not an unnecessary luxury. Would you like to have your facade cleaned? Then find below more information about the cost of facade cleaning and the possibilities!

Why is it important to clean your facade?

Over time your facade can become dirty. It gets a lot of wear and tear from rain, wind, exhaust fumes, and so on. If you don't clean your facade for a long time, it will look neglected, and that doesn't do the look of your home any good. But there is another reason why cleaning your facade is so important: it extends its life. If your facade is not cleaned in a timely manner then moisture problems can occur and this can incur heavy costs.

Facade cleaning methods

If you want to clean your facade, it can be done in different ways. Which cleaning method is best to use depends on the severity of contamination. Graffiti removal will be done with a different method than removing light soiling. Find out more about the different cleaning methods below!

Facade blasting for graffiti removal

A first option is to have the facade blasted. This cleaning method is the most aggressive and is mainly used to remove graffiti or other types of heavy soiling, such as heavy soot deposits. For this method, water is mixed with blasting medium and is sprayed against your facade under great pressure. This allows a professional to easily remove graffiti. You cannot easily do facade blasting yourself, because if you want to do it in an environmentally friendly way, the abrasive must be collected. In addition, you often need a permit or exemption.

If you choose to have your facade blasted, there are several more options. Sandblasting is one of the toughest ways and mist blasting is a milder form. Spray blasting is suitable for sensitive materials and can be used on almost any facade. Because of this, it is often used on historic buildings.

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