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Cleaning solar panels

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Have your solar panels cleaned

You see them more and more often. Solar panels. Many a roof is already covered with them, and with good reason. Installing solar panels on your roof is a smart move. You can produce your own sustainable energy by using a 100% green energy source and you also contribute to a sustainable world. Your wallet will be happy too, as your energy bill will be a lot lower. An investment will pay for itself within seven years. If you consider that, with annual cleaning and a technical inspection by one of the professionals you can find through Zoofy, a solar panel lasts more than 25 years, which means you'll have free electricity for about 18 years more.
The operation of solar panels is very simple. The sun gives energy in the form of light and heat. The sunlight is converted into electricity by the solar cells on your solar panels. You cannot use this electricity yet. For this, you need an inverter, which brings this electricity to your meter cupboard and converts it into alternating current.

Cleaning solar panels

If you have solar panels on your house, at some point you will have to clean them. In principle, solar panels are low-maintenance and it is claimed by some that they almost never need to be cleaned. Most solar panels have a self-cleaning coating. The slanted position of the solar panels, in combination with this coating, means that when it rains, dust and dirt are basically washed away by themselves. However, it is recommended that you not only check your solar panels regularly for dirt but also clean them at least once a year. You do not have to do this yourself. Save yourself some scary antics on the roof, wobbling on a high ladder, hiring an aerial platform and so on. You can find a window cleaner to clean your solar panels as easily as ordering a pizza. He'll have the job of cleaning your solar panels done in no time. Did you know that our professionals score an average of 9.2 and that Zoofy always offers a 100% quality guarantee? 

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