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Cleaning joints of the house

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Have your joints cleaned

Grouting makes your façade look beautiful. It is the ideal way to make your facade unique. Would you like to have your joints renewed? Discover the various possibilities and the price per m2 for grouting below!

Types of grout: which one should you choose?

It is not always given much thought, but grouting is more important than you think. Pointing largely determines the appearance of your facade and your facade is your home's business card. Because there are many different types of grout, you can easily create the look you want. Discover below what the best choice is for you!

Bevel joint

A flush joint is the standard joint. This joint is nicely aligned with the bricks of your façade, so that no water can get between the joints. This type of joint is cheap and easy to perform.

Intersecting joint

The cutting joint is not flush with the bricks but protrudes a little, which gives a beautiful and tight effect. If you choose for the cutting joint you will give your house an authentic look. That is why this joint is often chosen for important historical buildings. The cutting joint is very expensive. You have to have something for it.

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