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Electric exterior shutters prices

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Costs electric screens outdoor

Are you curious about the costs of electric screens? The costs for mounting electric screens vary from €100 to €150. The table below will give you an idea. Mentioned amounts are including VAT.

Cost overview electric screens

dimensions in height x width average extra cost accessories average mounting costs average total cost including mounting
80 x 60 centimetres € 0 with manual operation € 100 € 300
150 x 75 centimetres € 160, electric operation € 150 € 540
200 x 150 cm € 230, electric operation including remote control € 150 € 680
*Please note that the prices mentioned are average prices. There are several factors that determine the final price. These prices are based on jobs previously carried out on Zoofy.

Why buy electric screens

Are you looking for suitable outdoor sun protection for your home but you're not so fond of roller blinds or awnings? Screens are a good alternative. What exactly are screens? A screen is a flat-hanging vertical sunprotection which moves up or down along a window. The fabric slides up and down between two vertical guides. 

Screens do not take up valuable space and the screen case is much more modest in size than a roller shutter case. Another advantage of screens compared to roller shutters is that, although they are somewhat transparent, they filter the sunlight very well. Screens have even more advantages, however. Here you can read about what to look out for, what the advantages are, what is involved in installing screens and what the costs could be.


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