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Door frame installation costs

Thursday 22 December 2022

Does your door need new frames or do you want to install a door frame for aesthetic reasons? Then it is important that you get your doorframe installed by a handyman with a reputable reputation. In this article we tell you more about the doorframe prices at Zoofy.
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Doorframe prices

How much you exactly pay for a doorframe depends first of all on the kind of door you want to install a doorframe in. Is it the front door or an inner door? Furthermore, the material of the doorframe also plays a big role in the final cost. The table below gives you more clarity.

Installing a door frame: costs

Installing doorframe in inner door
Type of doorframe Costs
Plastic doorframe € 50 to € 150 
Wooden doorframe € 100 to € 180 
Steel doorframe € 120 to € 200 

These doorframe prices include VAT, assembly and a standard door. The costs are based on jobs previously done on Zoofy.

Place doorframe in front door

Type of door frame Cost
Plastic doorframe € 300 to € 500 
Wooden doorframe € 350 to € 700 
Steel doorframe € 500 to € 850 

These doorframe prices include VAT, assembly and a standard door.

Plastic doorframe

A plastic door frame cannot rot and is moisture-repellent. These frames are low-maintenance and are available in every conceivable colour, model and design. The downside to a plastic window frame is that, in case of damage, it is very difficult to repair and you cannot repaint it. This is why a plastic window frame is the cheapest of all. For this type of window frame, you will pay between €50 and €150 for an interior door and between €300 and €500 for a front door.

Wooden doorframe

Wood has a natural, warm look and is paintable. However, a wooden window frame does require more maintenance than the case of a plastic one, for example. Bear in mind a price tag of €100 to €180 for an interior door and one of €350 to €700 for a front door.

Steel doorframe

The production cost of a steel frame is a lot higher than that of a plastic and/or wooden frame. And this is reflected in the price of this type of window frame. In exchange for this higher price, however, you get an extremely sturdy window frame that can easily last a lifetime. A steel door frame will cost you around € 120 to € 200 in the case of an interior door. Would you like a steel door frame in your front door? Then you will pay an average of €500 to €850.

Door frames: other price determinants

Besides the type of door and the material for your door frame, there are other factors that influence the price. We briefly discuss them below.

1) Appearance of the front door

Are you satisfied with a standard front door without glass or do you prefer a glass front door with a luxurious look? The more requirements you have, the more the price of the door frame for your front door increases.

Type of door Cost
Standard door € 400 to € 600
Door with stained glass € 500 to € 900
Door with mouldings and cast iron grille € 850 to € 1,200

Standard door

By a standard door, we mean a front door with no glass and no mouldings and/or other decorative elements. The cost for such a door with door frame starts at €400 and, depending on the size and material, can go up to €600.

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