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Costs installing a fence

Wednesday 08 May 2024

Average fence installation costs

The cost of installing a fence is on average €2,850, with typical costs between €1,670 and €4,100. For the most common materials, you will spend somewhere between €39 and €150 per linear metre, including professional installation. Labour and materials each make up 50% of the total budget. If you buy your own materials, expect labour to cost between €49 and €55 per hour, with the average taking between 20 and 35 hours to complete. In this price guide you will find more about the materials, dimensions. Materials include aluminium, vinyl, wood and wrought iron. Although this project is not complicated, it is labour intensive and requires experience to achieve a professional look.

Costs of fencing per material

An average 50-metre fence costs €2,750 with a range of €1,500 to €8,250. In total it will cost you €30 to €165 per linear metre. You spend € 750 to € 6,000 on materials and € 750 to € 2,250 on labour.

Wood versus Vinyl fencing cost calculator
Wood Vinyl
Concrete for post feet € 0.20 - € 1.00 per kilo € 0.20 - € 1.00 per kilo
Planks/panels Cedar: € 2 - € 8
Redwood: €10 - €14
Treated pine: € 2 - € 3 Panels only
Top/bottom rails Wood: €10 each
Metal/wood: € 40 - € 50 € 20 - € 150
Panels 6ft x 8ft €40 - €150 €100 - €500
Gate (continuous) € 150 - € 250 € 200 - € 400

*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final cost may differ from the invoice you receive from us. Wood and vinyl are affordable and durable options. Both materials come in different styles, each usable in different climates and areas. Consult a landscaper near you for advice on the best style and material for your area.

Costs for wooden fencing

Wooden fencing costs €350 to €1,500 for 50 linear metres
For a high-quality wood look, try a combination of metal and wood for 4 to 5 times the price . The posts and rails made of aluminium or wrought iron and wooden pickets for privacy.
Most use some form of wood as the primary material.

Note: Store-level prices fluctuate with the market price of raw wood. Use these figures as a guide, but check with your local timber store or a professional for current prices.

Vinyl and composite privacy fencing
Vinyl fencing costs €1,000 to €3,000 for 50 linear metres
Easier to install than wood, but has a higher material price.
High-end variants include decorative elements, colours and textures to mimic a wood look.

Aluminium privacy fences

Aluminium fencing costs €90 to €120 per linear metre. Other aluminium types run a lot less. Labour costs another €15 to €45 per running metre for installation.

Labour costs and privacy fence installation considerations

Labour costs depend on the type of material you choose, site preparation and your location. Most landscapers include both labour and materials in one project price.

Professional labour: €49- €55 per hour
Average time: 23 hours
Remove old fence : € 9- € 15 per running metre
Fence cost calculator

Although the average cost is €2,800, you can spend between €430 to €10,000 or more, depending on the size and type and style you choose. Here is an overview of the expected costs for each major material, as well as the pros and cons of each.

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