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Costs to close open stairs

Tuesday 04 June 2024

Do you own a house or have you recently bought a house with an open staircase? Are you not very happy with those open stairs? We can well imagine. Are you tired of the open staircase or do you want a closed staircase because of small children in the house? You do not have to choose a completely new closed staircase right away. It would cost you an arm and a leg. Closing an open staircase is not that difficult. An open staircase can be closed very well by using risers. The result is comparable to a new staircase but the costs are significantly lower. This job, closing the stairs, can easily be outsourced to one of Zoofy's professionals.

Costs to close open staircase

Are you now convinced of the advantages of closing your open staircase? Do you want your open staircase to be sealed by a professional? Then outsource this job and book a professional quickly and easily through Zoofy. On the Zoofy platform there is only room for high scoring professionals. With an average score of 9.2, Zoofy is the place to be! Keep in mind that a riser is needed to seal a stair step.

On average an open staircase has between 10 and 13 steps. The average costs per riser are between € 5 and € 20. This means that on average you will spend at least € 50 and at most € 260 on materials. The professional's labour costs must of course be added to this. The starting hourly wage of the professional through Zoofy is € 50 including VAT. The total average price depends of course on the chosen material of the risers, the shape of the staircase and the number of steps. Sealing a straight open staircase is less labour-intensive than sealing a twisted open staircase.

If you want to close your open staircase, it is important to choose the right materials. High-quality materials have good properties. It will wear out less quickly and stay beautiful longer. These include materials with anti-slip properties, materials that are resistant to moisture and scratches and materials that are easy to maintain.

Costs for closing open staircases including full renovation

Of course you can only have risers installed to close your open staircase. You can also choose to have your open staircase fully renovated. This will of course increase the average costs of closing the open staircase. In the table below you can read the average extra costs per step on top of fitting a riser. The prices mentioned include the labour costs of the professional (that you book through Zoofy of course) and include VAT.

Material type Average cost per step
Painting € 30
Carpet € 40
Laminate € 80
PVC or vinyl € 95
Linoleum € 100
Oak wood € 120
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Although the craftsman always works very carefully, it is sometimes inevitable that the plasterwork may need to be touched up. This may slightly increase the average cost of closing an open staircase.

Extra options

When you decide to close your open staircase, it is advisable to have any extra options done right away. Combining various activities is ultimately cheaper than performing them afterwards. For example, you can consider having the following options fitted immediately:

  • Adding or replacing a banister
  • Installing a balustrade
  • Adding or replacing stair stringers
  • fitting LED lighting in the stairs or banisters
  • The benefits of sealing an open staircase

An open staircase has, of course, primarily a practical function, namely, to reach an upper or lower living area.
Unfortunately, open staircases are not the safest of stairs, especially with a small child in the house. They can fall through the gaps between the steps in an unguarded moment. This can cause serious injury. For safety reasons, you could have an open staircase sealed. So sealing a staircase is a job that is often done nowadays.

The advantages of an unsealed staircase

Besides increased safety, sealing a staircase has other advantages. Realising a closed staircase will immediately give your home a completely different look and will create more security and cosiness. A closed staircase offers more possibilities in terms of finishing. By the way, were you aware that an open staircase can cause a lot of heat loss? Warm air rises. With an open staircase the warm air cannot be blocked. This is the case with an unfinished staircase.

Why choose Zoofy for closing the stairs?

Zoofy makes it easy for you to get in touch with a professional in your neighbourhood. The only thing you need to do is inform us about three times when the professional can contact you. When you book a professional through Zoofy, you can be sure that your job will be done professionally. On the platform of Zoofy there is only room for professionals who deliver good work. The craftsmen of Zoofy score an average of 9.2. More than 200,000 satisfied customers have already done so. With Zoofy, you are never charged for call-out fees and you know in advance what the hourly rate of the professional is. You only have to pay afterwards, when your job has been done to your satisfaction. Very simple via iDeal or a Tikkie. Have a fixed staircase placed to the attic. Have a loft ladder installed.


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