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Costs of dormer installation

Monday 19 April 2021

Adding a dormer window (or having it added) is a good thing. It allows you to create a larger living or walking area. When an unused space under the roof where there is little or no room to walk is equipped with a dormer, the walkable area becomes much larger. As a result, a previously useless space suddenly becomes a fully-fledged and usable space. Think of a bedroom, playroom or study. In addition, by installing a dormer, much more light will enter the room. Often these rooms do not have skylights or only a very small skylight. Dormers are usually fitted with HR +++ glass as standard. If you're going to do some work anyway, you could insulate the room in question right away. That saves on energy costs.

Investing in a dormer window does not only mean more living pleasure, but also definitely an increase in the value of your home. After all, there is a full room and more walking space created. If you want to be sure that placing a dormer is an economically sound choice, you can always call in a valuer who can determine the value of the house with and without the dormer. Remember that sometimes the enjoyment of living outweighs the cost of the dormer.

The installation of a dormer window should in most cases be contracted out. A job you can confidently leave to one of the professionals, which you can easily book through Zoofy.

Dormer window installation costs, what can you expect?

You can see the average costs for a standard dormer window in the table below. These dormer prices include materials, labour and VAT.

Type of dormer Average price
Dormer window made of synthetic material 150 cm € 2,900
Wooden dormer 150cm €3,200
Dormer window made of plastic 200cm € 3,100
Dormer window made of wood 200 cm € 3,500
Dormer window made of plastic 300cm € 3,800
Wooden dormer 300cm €4,000
Dormer window made of plastic 400cm €4,750
Wooden dormer 400 cm € 5,000
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously performed. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Additional options or modifications will obviously affect the average prices. You can think of the following options:

Extra option Average price
Ventilation grid € 100
Insect screen € 80
Roof edge panel € 350
Side panel € 250
Electric roller shutter 200 cm € 170
Removal of construction waste € 250

The possibilities with a dormer window

Perhaps you already know exactly what your new dormer will look like. Yet there is often more possible than you think or there is a smarter, cheaper or better solution. Through the expertise of the professional, he will always give you the best advice.
The professional knows exactly what the legal provisions are. For example, provided the roof is suitable and meets certain requirements, you may install a dormer with a maximum height of 175 centimeters.
Besides that you will also get advice on the materials and colors to be applied, so that the dormer fits the style of the house.
Depending on your wishes and the construction of the existing roof, three types of dormers can be installed:

A dormer window with a flat roof
A dormer window with a sloping roof
A raised ridge

Maintenance friendly

When you decide to have a dormer window installed, you don't have to worry that it will involve extra maintenance work. It is a matter of using low maintenance materials, such as plastic. Want to know more? The professional engaged by Zoofy will be happy to tell you more about dormer prices.

Dormers are often delivered prefabricated, which is usually the cheapest solution. Prefabricated means that your dormer is manufactured in the factory and then transported to your home. The cost of this transport is in addition to the cost of materials and labor.

However, if you have specific wishes or if you do not opt for a prefabricated dormer, you should take into account that the cost of a custom dormer will be on average 30% higher.
Besides material costs, you will also have to deal with the dormer costs for the actual installation of the dormer and any desired customization. The craftsman that you hire through Zoofy will charge from € 50 per hour.
To give you an idea, often the cost of placing a prefab dormer amounts to over 30% of the total cost.

Extra costs

Dormers are usually not placed on the first floor, so also keep in mind that a crane truck or a hoist truck must be hired to hoist a prefab dormer onto the top floor. You will also need to take these dormer installation costs into account in your budget.


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