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Furnace installation costs

Thursday 29 December 2022

Costs of oven installation

The cost of a furnace ranges between €350 and €3,500, depending on the type and brand of furnace you choose. Labour and installation costs vary between €100 and €200. The cost of having a professional install the oven is more than $200. The price of hiring a licensed electrician to install wiring, outlets and additional circuits ranges from €59 to €75 per hour, not including materials. Most homeowners spend around €2,000 on average for the appliance and installation.

Average cost of a new furnace
Average cost €2,000
High cost €15,000
Low cost €350

New Furnace Costs

Electric heaters are almost always cheaper to buy than their gas counterparts. A lower purchase price is often a sign of higher operating costs because electricity is more expensive than natural gas.

Furnace cost by type
Type Average price
Freestanding € 300 - € 1,700
Built-in oven €700 - €3,500
Convection €930 - €2,050
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Advantages and disadvantages of a gas oven or electric oven

Many factors come into play when choosing the right oven. While a normal electric model usually costs between €600 and €3,500 , a gas model can be anywhere from €600 to €1,500 . Below are some common advantages and disadvantages of both types.

Advantages and disadvantages electric oven
Advantages and disadvantages electric oven
Advantages drawbacks

Advantage: Easy-to-clean surfaces
Advantage: No extra installation costs
Advantage: Can be connected to any power outlet
Advantage: Even distribution of heat
Advantage: Easy to use

Disadvantage: Newer models are more expensive
Disadvantage: Cooks food slower than a gas model
Disadvantage: Does not work during a power failure

Furnace installation cost

A simple installation of an electric oven, placing a new oven in the same place as the old one, will cost on average between €100 and €200. If there is no 240-volt socket in the area it goes to, an electrician will have to install one. That will add between €59 and €75 per hour to the installation cost. The cost of installing a gas cooker in a place where gas pipes already exist will be between €100 and €125 . If there are no electrics yet, the cost will be more than $200 . An oven with hob requires an extractor fan to suck moisture, odours and potentially dangerous carbon monoxide out of the house. Wall units can cost more to install because a contractor has to install an enclosure in the wall.

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