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Cost of paving garden

Thursday 06 June 2024

Do you also dream of a beautiful terrace that you can enjoy for years? Then the most obvious solution is to pave your garden. What are the costs for paving, what types of garden paving are there and what work is involved? We are happy to explain it to you in the following article.

Costs for paving a garden

The costs involved in paving a garden depend primarily on the material you choose for your paving. Gravel paving, for example, is the cheapest option, while natural stone paving costs more. Furthermore, the surface of the paving also plays a major role. It goes without saying that the cost of paving a garden is higher when it comes to a large terrace or a complete garden than when it comes to a small garden path. Another factor, which is at least as important, is the desired laying pattern. The more complicated the laying pattern, the more working hours are required. The table below gives you a neat overview of the costs (per material and expressed per m²) to lay paving.

Garden paving price: cost overview materials per m²

Type of paving Cost
Gravel € 10,- 
Rubber tiles € 10,- to € 35,-
Concrete tiles € 15,- up to € 35,-
Baked tiles € 25,- to € 45,- 
Natural stone € 30,- to € 65,- 
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

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