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Cost of installing interior door

Monday 01 April 2024

Do you want to know everything about installing an interior door? Why it is useful and what work needs to be done? Would you also like to know what the costs are but also how you can quickly and easily hire a professional through Zoofy? Then please read on.

Costs for placing an inner door

Are you curious what the costs for placing a battened door or placing an overlay door will amount to? You can see this in the following schedule. Note that the costs of the door itself, the door hardware, the padlock and hinges are not included in this schedule.

Place or replace inner door Average price per door
Hanging open door including mounting of hinges and locks € 55 to € 75
Hanging of a battened door, including mounting of hinges and locks € 65 to € 100
Placing frames in existing cut-out or replacing them entirely € 50 to € 200
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

Not only for new buildings

Installing an interior door is not just a job that occurs exclusively in new homes. There are, of course, a great many existing homes that are refurbished or remodeled before and after. When an extension is placed or there is a space in the house where you want to create a passage with a door, then you certainly have to deal with the installation of an interior door. Then, of course, you want an interior door that is professionally installed. Beautiful and well-placed interior doors can give the (new) room a completely different look. Therefore, choosing the right interior door should also be done with care. More about this later.

How does it work, installing an interior door?

When we talk about the installation of an inner door, there is often a little more work involved than just replacing an inner door.
When it concerns a completely new room, the first thing the professional does is to place the frame, taking into account the measurements of the (new) inner door. When placing in an existing frame the carpenter will measure the rebate size so that the door can be sawn to the correct size. Also, the existing frame is subjected to a thorough inspection and you may be advised to replace the frame.

Then the professional will mill the hinges or hinges at the right place in the frame and the new or existing door can be hung in it. Of course, the door itself may need to be shortened or an existing door may also need new hinges installed. If you want to lock the door and the door does not have a standard lock, that also needs to be installed in the door.

Then the door is placed in the frame and then neatly hung. This is a precise job. Nothing more annoying than a door that does not close, closes badly or hangs crookedly. Fortunately you can find through Zoofy only the best professionals for your job. They score no less than 9.2!

What does it cost to install an interior door?

The cost of installing an interior door also depends on the type of door that you are going to (have installed). Maybe you still have an existing door somewhere? Then the professional can ensure that it is neatly placed and hung. But do you want to pick an interior door yourself? Then it is useful to know the difference between frames and overlay doors. Here is a short explanation.

What is a flush door?

These are the main characteristics of a flush door:

a blunt door is hung with flat hinges
An inscrutable door can be hung with either right or left hinges.
a blunt door has no overlap edge and is smooth on both sides
A blunt door drops into the frame
A blunt door is measured differently from a rebated door.
An obtuse door is almost always used as a front door because it is less susceptible to burglary.
What is a rebated door?

These are the key characteristics of a rebated door:

A rebated door is hung with hinges that are hinged on a hinge.
An overlay door can only be hung on the left or right-hand hinge.
An overlay door has a raised edge and therefore falls partially over the frame.
an overlay door is measured in length with overlay and in width without overlay.
An overlay door lets through less draught
An overlay door is relatively easy to install.

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