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Do you also dream of a neatly arranged environment that requires little maintenance around your home? Then paving your garden can be the ideal solution. But how to find the right professional and what does paving cost? We, at Zoofy, are happy to explain it to you!

What's the point of paving the garden?

Paving the garden ensures that your entire surface suddenly looks much more spacious. Paving also creates more order in your garden and requires less maintenance. Where you used to have to spend hours mowing the lawn to keep everything looking tidy, now you can simply relax and enjoy your garden. Don't you like to have many plants in your garden? It is also perfectly possible to place several colourful flowers and plants on your terrace.

How does paving your garden work?

Laying garden paving is a job that has to be done in several steps in order to enjoy your new terrace for as long as possible. Our craftsmen proceed as follows:

Demarcate the area: First of all, we dig out the area of the garden that you want to use for the construction of your terrace, to a depth of 15 to 20 cm. We then place a special border around this area to protect your terrace tiles.
Levelling: Next, our handyman will fill about ten centimetres of this area with sand, which will be pressed and levelled with an appropriate machine.
Tile work: Paving the garden has to be done very precisely so that you do not end up with an ugly terrace. Therefore, we attach great importance to the careful laying (and cutting) of the tiles you have selected. The larger the tiles, the more likely it is that you will have to cut them out to fill the corners. This detailed cutting work is best left to an expert.
Recessing: When we have finished laying the paving, we throw extra sand over your terrace. We do this for the eye: After all, nicely filled tile joints are a greater incentive to use the newly laid patio!

What does paving cost?

We always work with fixed hourly rates. These rates vary depending on what exactly needs to be done. Paving on soft ground with very user-friendly tiles will logically be cheaper than a custom-made terrace construction right next to a tree, for example. Similarly, the hourly rates for urgent jobs are somewhat higher than those for normal jobs. To give you an idea: Laying paving is possible at Zoofy from as little as 50 euros per hour including VAT!

Are you thinking about laying paving at your place? At Zoofy we make sure that you will be helped in a fast and reliable way by a local professional!

What are the advantages of paving your garden via Zoofy?

1) Advantages in relation to the cost of laying paving

No call out charge: Do you choose to let one of the handymen of Zoofy do your paving? Then you save these costs. With Zoofy, you only pay afterwards, which can be done via Tikkie or iDeal.
Fixed hourly rates: We work with fixed hourly rates. This way you won't get any big surprises. 

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