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What does painting the stairs cost

Wednesday 28 December 2022

he staircase can be a real eye-catcher in your living room or hallway. Provided it is nicely painted and finished. Repainting a staircase is quite a job. Not only because of the length of the staircase. But also because scraping off the old paint is quite a job. Understandably, many people dread it. Painting a staircase does not have to cost hundreds of dollars. In this article we would like to tell you more about refurbishing your stairs. You can paint the stairs. A staircase can be painted for a lasting result. How much does it cost to paint a staircase? Read on and see our cost table. There are variations in staircase painting costs. It is important that it is done professionally. A staircase is used several times a day. In addition, painting a staircase is really something you better leave to the painter. Then you are assured of a perfect and tight result. For daily pleasure!

Stair painting costs

The difference in costs is in: the size of the stairs and the condition it is in. Furthermore, the additional options you choose for the stairs also affect the price.

Jobs Costs
Staircase painting costs €400 - €1000.
Banister painting € 40 - € 100, -
*These are indicative prices based on previously performed jobs. The final costs may vary from the invoice you receive from us.

The more maintenance, the higher the painting costs will be. Do you want to refurbish a staircase? Then know that this is also possible with a smaller budget. Think of the upholstery of the stairs to take off. This saves a painter a lot of labor hours. You can have the stairs refurbished according to your own wishes. For example, there are people who choose wooden panels. Or those who choose partly moon floor covering and partly painted steps. A painter can give you good advice on this. You can also ask the painter for advice on the color of paint and the type of material.

Explanation staircase painting costs for €400,-

If your stairs are in good condition, the costs may be lower. This is especially true for a staircase with no upholstery or glue residue. If the staircase has no deviating angles and few steps, it is certainly feasible on a small budget. The costs of painting the stairs consist of the labor and materials required. The less labor and / or material is needed, the lower the cost. One solution may be to remove the upholstery and glue residue yourself if it is present on the stairs. Sanding a staircase is also something that can reduce costs. You can't escape sanding by hand on some pieces. Hence, many people like to outsource the sanding.

Explanation staircase painting costs for € 1000,-

Refurbishing a staircase that needs a lot of work? Then the price tag will be higher. Think of the replacement of steps. The carpenter has to take out the old stair tread and attach a new one. But also the covering that is on the step affects the amount of work. For example, many homes still have stairs with glued-on carpeting. It is a labor-intensive process to get this neatly off the stairs. Especially on stairs where the covering is attached to the wood with many nails. Rotting wood or spots in the step must also be replaced. Upholstery that is difficult to remove takes hours of work, in particular. The staircase must be completely bare before it can be painted. The number of coats of primer and lacquer also affects the price. A difficult surface may require up to three coats of primer. Varnishing is also a precise job. By doing this accurately, you get the best results. A staircase with extras? For example, with a special banister? Or installing LED lights in the staircase? These extras are certainly achievable. Extras can result in a higher price. This is because there is more labor and material needed to realize it.

Explanation stair railing painting for €40 to €100

The cost of painting the banister is 40 to 100 euros. The cost difference is mainly in how many layers need to be painted. This can be two or three layers. In addition, the brand and type of paint also affects the price for painting the banister. We recommend that when you paint the stairs you always include the railing for a more aesthetic result.

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