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Costs of cleaning a carpet

Wednesday 15 May 2024

Carpets add ambience and warmth to any room by providing style, comfort and function. Over time, however, heavy foot traffic causes a build-up of dirt and debris on the carpet's fibres and the carpet must be cleaned to renew its appearance. Carpets in high traffic areas usually need to be cleaned at least once a year. Professional carpet cleaning services charge per square metre rather than per hour.

The average cost of professionally cleaning a synthetic fibre carpet with stain removal technology and a protective stain repellent coating ranges from €150 to €500, with most people paying €450. For a simple carpet and small size, you should expect to pay around €160, but depending on the requirements and dirtiness, it can go up to €700.

Carpet cleaning costs
Carpet cleaning costs
Average cost € 450
Average range €300 - €650
Minimum cost €150
Maximum cost €750

Carpet cleaning costs per square metre

Professional carpet cleaners often charge a rate per square metre. On average, carpet cleaning costs between €5 and €25 per square metre. The price range depends on the method used, such as dry cleaning, steam cleaning or hand washing. Other factors increase the cost per square metre, such as removing stains, applying stain prevention treatments or removing odours.

Cost of cleaning a carpet by material

Carpets are made of natural or synthetic materials. The average cost of cleaning natural materials is €12 to €24 per square metre, while the cost of cleaning synthetic carpets is on average £6 to £12 per square metre. Synthetic carpet fibres are highly resilient and stain resistant. Synthetic fibres include polypropylene and viscose.

They are usually the cheapest and they are easiest to clean. Rugs made of natural fibres include silk, wool, cotton, jute and sisal. Professional cleaning of woollen carpets is usually the most expensive natural fibre to clean. However, wool is naturally very stain resistant and durable, making it a popular choice for luxury rugs. Usually, cleaning carpets made of natural fibres increases cleaning costs by around 20 percent. Older, delicate carpets can cost up to 35 per cent more to clean.

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