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Costs window fitting

Friday 01 March 2024

Does your house still have single glass? Or are you renovating and will doors or frames be installed that need to be glazed? Did you break a window? Then it's good to know what type of glass you can best choose.

Nowadays, most people choose the so-called Hr++ glass. This type of glass has many advantages. We would like to explain exactly what the advantages are, which activities are involved in the installation of HR++ glass and what the costs are.

What does HR++ glass cost per m²?

The average price for HR++ glass is € 55 per m² excluding installation. See below what the HR++ glass costs including the fitting.

Costs for HR++ glass including fitting

The table below shows the costs for HR++ glass including fitting.

Type of HR++ glass Average price for 5 or 6 m² Average price per m²
HR++ € 400 to € 55 € 80 to € 90
HR++ extra solar control € 550 to € 700 € 110 to € 130
HR++ safety glass € 500 to € 650 € 100 to € 120
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

The thickness of HR++ glass partly determines the price.

The thickness of HR++ glass varies from four millimeters to eight millimeters. The price difference between these two thicknesses is approximately € 30 per m². Which thickness is suitable in your situation, also depends on the window frame. The professional selected by Zoofy will advise you on this.


The installation of HR++ glass is not a cheap affair (but it is a good investment). Possibly you can make use of the national subsidy scheme.
This means that instead of 21% VAT, you only have to pay 9% VAT on the labor costs. This will of course lower the average costs for the installation of HR++ glass.
Perhaps you are planning to take more insulating measures, such as cavity wall insulation. If you have at least two insulation works done, you get a 20% subsidy on the total amount.

The advantages of HR++ glass

1. Higher insulation value

Because most of the heat in your house is lost through the windows, buying HR++ glass is a good investment.
This type of glass has a higher insulation value compared to single or double glazing. This is because there are fewer noble gases between the HR++ glass plates and a special coating on the glass allows solar rays through and partially reflects the heat into the house. As a result, less heat is lost. This insulation value is referred to as the U value (heat transfer coefficient). The lower the U-value is, the higher the insulation value of the glass is. To compare. HR+ glass has a U-value of 1.6, HR++ glass has a U-value of 1.2.

2. Energy-saving

Because of the excellent insulating effect of HR++ glass, much less warm air is lost. This creates a pleasant temperature in the house and a healthier indoor climate. You also have less chance of moisture problems. Moreover, placing HR++ glass provides a direct saving on energy and heating costs.

For every square meter of installed HR++ glass you save approximately 35 cubic meters of natural gas annually, with the greatest savings being made in the living room. In rooms where less heating is used, the savings are slightly less. The rule is that the more you heat, the higher the savings.
If you assume that in an average home you save about 650 cubic meters of gas, this results in a benefit of a few hundred euros.

3. Soundproofing

Besides the advantages of HR++ glass on the inside of the house, HR++ glass also keeps annoying noises out. Think of passing traffic. If you live on a busy street, along the railroad or in the middle of the city, these noises will be able to be largely reduced.

Having HR++ glass installed
Fortunately, this type of glass can be installed in almost any existing window frame (provided it is in good condition). Nevertheless, it is not unwise to assess the condition of the existing window frames beforehand (together with the professional), especially when large surfaces are involved. Large windows are heavy and it is very important that the existing window frames can handle the weight. This will be assessed by the professional, so you can be sure that the existing wooden frame is not underpowered.



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