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Wasp nest removal costs

Monday 01 January 2024

What does it cost to remove a wasp nest?

Have you discovered a wasp nest but have no idea what the cost of removing it is? Don't know what work is involved or what the consequences could be if you don't take further action? Here you can read all about it.

Costs for removing a wasp nest

The final cost for removing a wasp nest depends entirely on the situation on site and the time it takes to remove it. Zoofy will not provide you with a quote, but an indication of the costs you can expect is possible. See also the table below.
Once you're put in touch with the professional (which is easy to do via zoofy.nl), you can discuss the work with him or her and a more precise indication of the costs can be provided.

Time of execution Price for one nest
Weekdays - Wasp nest removal costs Fixed price for €79
Weekend - Wasp nest removal costs Fixed price for €95
Urgent - Wasp nest removal cost Fixed price for €87

A wasp nest detected

Nothing is more annoying than an active wasp nest. Wasp nests can occur in a variety of places in and around your home. Common places for wasp nests in the home are in a dormer window, behind the knee bulkhead of the attic or in the crawl space. Cavity walls are also favored by wasps. A wasp nest likes to be built in the ventilation opening next to the window frame or behind the bay window.
However, active wasp nests also occur outdoors. The wasps nest in the ground, such as in an old mouse hole or under a bush. This is because wasp queens usually select a dark hollow space to establish the nest. Hence, planters, sleepers and birdhouses can also be singled out.

Should you suspect the presence of a wasp nest in a planter, do not move the planter under any circumstances. The vibrations caused by moving the planter are perceived by the wasps as a serious threat. Those who have a shed, garden house, porch or storage shed may also find a wasp nest there.

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