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Costs for upholstering furniture

Monday 01 April 2024

Need a new look for your living room? Then have your furniture upholstered! For example, that lovely couch that sits so comfortably. With a trendy upholstery, it fits in your interior again! Besides the fact that you do not have to say goodbye to a beloved piece of furniture, it is also sustainable. And therefore good for the environment. What are the exact costs for upholstering furniture? On average, reupholstering a chair or other piece of furniture is higher than buying a new one. But emotionally, reupholstering a chair can be a reason to spend more money. We would like to tell you more about the average costs of upholstering furniture. There are several options when it comes to upholstering furniture. By having a professional upholster your beloved piece of furniture, you are assured of longer enjoyment from it! We have the professional for you.

Costs of upholstering furniture

Many people choose to upholster their furniture if it is an item that has been in the family for years. That fine chair from your grandparents or the wonderful sofa that is in your possession through an inheritance. A furniture upholsterer performs this skilled work. The cost of upholstering furniture depends on how long the upholsterer works on it. And also on the material that he uses.

Cost table for upholstering furniture

Here is an average indication of what upholstering furniture costs:

Type of furniture Cost

Price armchair upholstery € 555,- to € 738,-
Replacing the cover of a sofa (250 cm wide) €1060,- to €1550,-
 Price upholstering chair €60,- to €320,-
 Costs for upholstering 3-seater sofa €960,- to €1280,-
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously performed. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

By upholstering a piece of furniture you can have it refurbished entirely to your own taste. Think of the kind of fabric and print that you like. In addition, the professional can also provide you with good advice in terms of seating comfort. Is the chair used intensively? Then the professional will advise a different interior than a chair that is purely for decoration. The upholsterer can also think along in what is beautiful in terms of upholstery and how it should be maintained. All this to enjoy the chair as long as possible.

Reupholstering a chair

Do you choose to re-upholster a chair? Then it may be useful to know the working method of the professional. For a chair reupholstery the upholsterer first removes the old upholstery. There are several methods by which the old upholstery can be fixed. Think glue, decorative nails, staples, nails or a combination. Whatever it is attached to... the upholsterer will remove it manually. If it is a large area, this may mean the upholsterer has to remove hundreds of nails from the fabric. By doing this very carefully and meticulously, your chair will not be damaged.

The very best result for reupholstering a chair or other piece of furniture? If the upholsterer disassembles the entire piece of furniture. Each separate part will be upholstered. If the interior needs to be replaced, this is done right away. Then the furniture is put back together again. It is therefore hand work and craftsmanship, which also makes it impossible to set a fixed price. It depends on your wishes and the kind of furniture you want to have upholstered. On average an upholsterer charges between €30,- and €40,- per hour for re-upholstering your furniture.

Upholster a sofa

The costs for upholstering a sofa are higher. This is because more material is needed than for an average chair. Also, removing the old upholstery of a 3-seater sofa is often more work than for an armchair. Furthermore, you see with a 3-seater sofa that the interior in many cases could use reinforcement or renewal. What you get in return is a beautiful new upholstered sofa. Which will certainly provide years of seating pleasure.

Upholstery couch costs

For upholstering a piece of furniture a furniture upholsterer uses special fabric. This upholstery fabric is first extensively tested for color fastness and quality. The way the fabric is connected is very important in determining whether it is suitable for upholstery. An upholsterer can provide you with good advice. They know which fabric has the least wear and tear, what the pattern on your sofa will look like and what the degree of discoloration will be.

A sofa in the living room in full sunlight, you want to protect against discoloration or fading. So it's important to choose a fabric that can deal with this. The degree of intensity also plays a role. Is the sofa used a lot? Then you need a different fabric as a piece of furniture for decoration in your home. The upholstery costs vary, the choice of fabric is an important cost item.

In addition to color fastness and quality, the type of fabric is also an indication of the final price. There are fabrics that are watera

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