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What will a toilet renovation cost in 2023

Thursday 04 April 2024

Would you like to know the average costs for the renovation of a toilet? The average costs for the renovation of the toilet are €700,- to €1.900,-. This depends entirely on what needs to be renovated. See below how the costs are structured. 

Toilet renovation costs

Do you have a clear idea of what your toilet renovation should look like? The better you can picture it, the more insight you will have into the costs of toilet renovation. That way you can budget better and avoid unpleasant surprises. If you are very handy or have friends or family who have two right hands, you can of course do this job yourself.

However, if you don't have the time or inclination for this job, or if you have two left hands, you can't do it yourself. An experienced professional or plumber will be happy to take care of all the work involved in renovating your toilet. But what does it actually cost? And how are the toilet renovation costs structured?

Here you can read what the average costs for the renovation of your toilet might be. The toilet renovation costs are including labour and including VAT but excluding materials. Furthermore, the prices are based on the average surface of a Dutch toilet. This is 2 m². Please take into account different prices if your toilet has a much larger surface area.

Cost overview of the demolition work

The average costs for the demolition work range from €200 to €400. See below how this is structured schematically.

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