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Costs of painting window frames

Monday 19 April 2021

Why paint window frames?

Your window frames determine for a large part the look of your home. So if you need a new look, it is a good idea to paint your window frames. But there are more reasons to paint window frames. With wooden window frames, for example, this is done to extend their life. The paint protects the wooden window frames so they last much longer.

What are the costs of painting window frames?

You are probably curious about the cost of painting window frames. It is useful to know this before you have it done. Therefore we give you a price list below!

Average costs for window frame painting

What window frames Cost per window frame
Painting window frames outside 50 to 150 euros
Painting door frames inside 40 to 75 euros
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously done. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.
These costs for painting window frames include working hours and materials, but the price depends on several factors. More info below!

How often should you paint window frames?

How often you need to paint your window frames depends mainly on the location. Window frames have to endure more than indoor window frames. That also means that you need to paint them more often. Also, if you do not maintain them well, a paint job is needed sooner.

In general you can count on painting your interior window frames once every 7 years and your exterior window frames once every 5 years. If you notice cracks or tears, it does need to be painted immediately. Do not wait too long, because the window frame may rot, which will cost you more money. So keep a close eye on your window frames!

Tip: paint in the right period

Would you like to paint your aluminum, wooden or plastic window frames? Then don't do it just like that. Take the period of the year into account. Especially when it comes to your exterior windows, because the weather conditions have a big influence on the end result.

This is because if it is too cold outside, the paint will take too long to dry effectively. It can even freeze. Temperatures that are too warm, on the other hand, allow the paint to dry too quickly, causing streaks on your window frames. Between April and October is the best time, as there is less humidity and the temperatures are better.

Pricing factors painting

The cost of painting your window frames depends heavily on a few factors. It is important to know these factors, so you can better estimate the cost of painting window frames. Below is an overview of all the price determining factors!

1. Type of window frame

Some window frames are flat and others are embossed. It goes without saying that a flat frame is much easier to paint. Therefore, painting this type of frame will cost you less.

In addition, the material from which the window frame is made also affects the price. Painting aluminum or plastic window frames, for example, is much more difficult than painting wooden window frames. Wood is a material that absorbs paint well. Of course it is possible to paint aluminum or plastic window frames. You will just have to pay a lot more for this.

2. State of the window frame

Another factor that determines the price is the condition of your window frame. For example, if the window frame was not well maintained and there is damp wood or wood rot, it will cost the painter much more time to paint your window frames. In that case he has to repair the window frame first. Of course you will pay extra for this. Therefore make sure that you always maintain your window frames well!

Sometimes it is more expensive to repair damage than to replace your window frames. When that is the case, your painter will tell you. In that case you can take into account a price of between 2.000 and 4.000 euro. Of course, this price still depends on the type of material, the dimensions and the type of glass you choose.

3. Type of paint

If you want to paint wooden window frames, the use of opaque paint is sufficient. Do you want to paint aluminum or plastic window frames? Then you also need to apply a primer first. If you do not do this, the opaque paint layer will not adhere. You will pay a lot more for this. It is also possible to use a stain and/or lacquer. This also causes extra costs. If you do not know what to choose, you can ask the painter for advice!

4. Number of frames

The more window frames you want to paint, the more you will pay. That is logical! But did you know that you can save money by painting more than one window at a time? The price you pay per frame will then be lower. If you don't have any window frames to paint yourself, it can be interesting to ask your neighbors if their window frames need painting too!

5. What are the VAT costs?

If you have window frames painted, there are also VAT costs involved. Here

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