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Costs of PVC flooring

Monday 01 April 2024

Are you considering having a pvc floor installed? Then it's useful to know in advance how much it will cost to have a PVC floor laid. This will make it easier for you to compare the different options. Below you will find out more about the costs of PVC, as well as the benefits and much more!

PVC floor installation costs

The price of PVC flooring installation depends on a number of factors, but generally speaking you can expect to pay between 18 and 30 euros per square meter. Below is a more detailed overview of the average cost of PVC flooring!

Average costs per type of PVC floor

Type of PVC floor Cost per square meter
PVC glueing strips 18 to 21 euro
PVC adhesives pattern 25 to 30 euros 
Click PVC floor 7 to 10 euro 
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously completed. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.
The above costs of a PVC floor include materials and labor.

Price factors for laying a PVC floor

What it will cost you to install a PVC floor depends very much on a number of factors. So to get a better idea of the PVC floor installation price, it's important to know these. So we list the most important price determining factors below for you!

Shape of the floor

The room where you want to lay a PVC floor has a big impact on the PVC floor installation price. A room with a simple rectangular shape is the cheapest, as it requires less work from the installer. However, if you want to lay a PVC floor in a room with many niches and corners, you will have cutting loss. This makes the purchase of the floor much more expensive. It also means that the installer has to work much longer, which increases the cost of installing a PVC floor. Also, if you have a large room, the costs of having a PVC floor laid will be much higher.

Underfloor heating or not?

Pvc floors can be combined perfectly with underfloor heating. When you have a new PVC floor laid, you will therefore have to decide whether or not you want underfloor heating. If you choose this option, it will cost you more.

To level the subfloor or not?

When laying a PVC floor it is recommended to level the subfloor. This ensures a nice flat floor that is less likely to be damaged. Levelling is especially important if you are having your PVC floor glued down. If you have this done, it will obviously have a big impact on the overall cost of your PVC floor.

Price difference between pvc flooring and other flooring types

Are you still unsure between a PVC floor and some other flooring types? If so, it's helpful for you to discover the price difference between the different options. This will help you make the right choices. Here's an overview!

Wood floor prices

A wood floor is a bit more charming than a wood-look PVC floor, but it also costs a lot more. For the installation of a wood floor, you can expect average costs between 30 and 80 euros per square meter.

Laminate floor prices

Another alternative to PVC flooring is laminate flooring. This type of floor is especially popular because it is affordable. You can get it as low as 10 euros per square meter. However, the most expensive laminate floors cost around 30 euros per square meter. So it is a lot cheaper than a wooden floor and in the same price category of a PVC floor. Whether you should buy laminate flooring or PVC flooring depends mainly on what you yourself like best.

Vinyl floor prices

Vinyl flooring also falls under the category of cheap flooring. It will cost you between 15 and 60 euros per square meter. The big advantage of vinyl is that it is available in many different colors and patterns. So for every interior style there is more than enough choice!

The many advantages of PVC flooring

There are many types of flooring to choose from when you want to buy a new floor, but you certainly won't regret choosing a PVC floor. It has many advantages! For instance, a PVC floor can be perfectly combined with underfloor heating, and it is very sound-absorbing and strong. You won't damage it easily. This makes it the ideal choice if you have little rascals running around the house!

In addition, PVC flooring is water-resistant and easy to keep clean. This saves you a lot of time and frustration! We've listed the advantages of PVC flooring for you:


  • Available in different colors and designs
  • Easy to maintain
  • Easy to combine with underfloor heating
  • Soundproof
  • Suitable for wet rooms

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