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Removing glued stair coverings costs

Tuesday 27 December 2022

Instead of installing a new staircase, you can also remove the stair covering and provide new coverings. This is possible if only your stair covering is damaged. But what are the costs for removing the stair covering exactly? Find out in this article!

General staircase cleaning costs

The costs of removing the carpet from the stairs depend on various factors, such as whether or not it is necessary to remove glue from the stairs. For this reason, it is difficult to put a fixed price on it. In general, however, companies charge between 250 and 350 Euros per staircase. Below is an overview of the staircase glue removal costs per square meter. These costs include disposal of the material.

Costs staircase covering removal per square meter

Removing carpet from stairs 9 Euros per m²
Remove loose floor covering between 2 and 3 Euros per m²
Remove glued floor covering between 5 and 6 euros per m²
Remove carpet glue 4 euro per m²

Why remove carpet from your stairs?

Instead of renovating your stairs, you can also opt for a staircase renovation. Removing the staircase covering is part of this. Depending on the condition of your stairs, you will also have to apply transfer stairs and possibly do other repairs.

If only the stair covering is outdated or no longer to your liking, it is also possible to just remove your stair covering and replace it with new one. It is an inexpensive way to enjoy a beautiful staircase and thus recommended if your staircase is not very worn!

Removing the glued covering

As you can see in the price overview above, it costs a lot more to remove glued stair covering than to remove covering that is loose. This is logical, because it is much more difficult to remove glue residue. And that is important for a nice smooth result. So keep in mind that you will pay more if your upholstery is glued to your stairs.

Removing nailed upholstery

It is also possible that the paneling on your stairs is nailed. In that case you only have to remove the nails and that is quite easy. That is, if you do it with a claw hammer, pincers or crowbar. Be careful, because in some cases the covering is both nailed and glued. So after you remove the nails, you may still detect glue residue. If you then have to have your stair covering removed, the costs will increase even more.

Installing new paneling costs

If you remove your old stair covering you will probably want to install new one afterwards. For this you will of course have to pay extra. However, the stair covering costs depend a lot on the type of material you choose. Check out the costs for new stair covering here.

Which stair covering should you choose?

Which stair covering you should choose depends on your preferences, the degree of aging of your stairs and your budget. If your stairs are in a still good condition, you can have them painted. This is the cheapest way to enjoy a beautiful staircase. However, painting is not the best choice if you have a lot of unevenness.

A good alternative is laminate, because it is strong and maintenance free. Yet this material does not cost very much. So it has an excellent value for money. The same goes for vinyl and PVC. PVC is also soundproof and therefore the ideal option if you have children in the house. Oak is a bit more expensive, but gives your home a warm and luxurious look. And so each material has its advantages and disadvantages. Do you find it difficult to choose? Then ask one of our professionals for advice. They can help you make the right choice!

Can you remove your glued stair covering yourself?

You can save on the stair covering removal costs by doing all or part of it yourself, but is that really recommended? Removing stair covering is not very difficult if it is loose. But removing glued stair covering is usually a difficult task. This is because it is quite a hassle to remove glue from a staircase, especially if you want to do it very precisely. And that's important, because it's the only way to ensure a beautiful new surface for your new stair covering. So if you want to make it easy on yourself, it's a good idea to leave this to a professional.

When you remove stair covering, it is usually also the intention to install new covering. This is not something you can easily do yourself. If you hire a professional, you can let him do all this. That way you don't have to worry about a thing and can enjoy a beautiful staircase in no time!



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