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Cost of loft ladder

Thursday 30 December 2021

Would you like to know more about a loft ladder? What does the word actually mean, what are the advantages of a loft ladder, what does it cost to install a loft ladder (or have it installed) and which professional is best to engage for this? You can read all about it in this article.

Meaning of the word loft ladder

Did you know that the word loft ladder is a contraction of loft and attic stairs? If you own an older home, there is a good chance that there is also a loft ladder. These kinds of stairs were built into many homes, especially those built after the Second World War.

What costs can you count on?

The following table shows an indication of the number of loft ladders. Mentioned costs are inclusive of VAT and include materials, but excluding labour. The starting hourly rate of a professional via Zoofy is € 69.

type of loft ladder average costs
loft ladder wood €85 to €400
loft ladder metal € 200 to € 600
installation loft ladder € 200 to € 400

What is a loft ladder?

A loft ladder is an extendable, collapsible or folding staircase that is used to access an attic or loft and can be stored in the ceiling after use.

Advantage loft ladder

The big advantage of a loft ladder is that it is completely collapsible. When folded, the staircase disappears completely into the ceiling and you can barely see it. A loft ladder is therefore ideal if you only occasionally need to be in the attic or attic. The space under the attic or attic therefore remains easily accessible. Installing a loft ladder is also many times cheaper than installing a fixed staircase, for which there is not always room.

Cost of loft ladder

In addition to the fact that a loft ladder is a good alternative to a fixed staircase, the costs for a loft ladder are also significantly lower. The costs of a loft ladder are determined by the material, quality and dimensions of the stairs.
Furthermore, a custom-made loft ladder is of course more expensive than a standard version available in the hardware store.

The cheapest option

You can buy a loft ladder at a hardware store for an amount of about € 100. When you install it yourself, you save the labor of a professional. Some DIY experience is required. It is even cheaper to purchase a second-hand loft ladder, for example via Marktplaats.

The most chosen option, installation of a wooden loft ladder

For those who are not handymen, having a loft ladder installed is the best solution. To have a wooden loft ladder installed, you will spend an average of € 500.

The most expensive option, a metal loft ladder

If you have a metal loft ladder installed, you choose the most expensive option. Metal loft ladders are stronger and of better quality than wooden loft ladders. This also comes with a more expensive price tag. Good reasons for choosing a metal loft ladder are the better fire resistance and the longer lifespan. For installing a (more expensive) metal loft ladder, the costs including the stairs are a maximum of € 1,000.

The price structure of loft ladder costs

The price structure of a loft ladder depends on the type of loft ladder you choose and the associated costs of installation. The majority of us would prefer to outsource the installation of a loft ladder to a specialist, such as a specialist from Zoofy. This price structure is therefore based on installation by a professional.
Of the total costs, the materials will account for half (50%) and the labor including call-out costs the other half, also 50%. Please note, at Zoofy you never pay call-out costs, another argument for choosing the professionals at Zoofy.

Choices that affect the costs of the loft ladder

Are you considering purchasing a new loft ladder? Then you have to deal with a number of choices that directly affect the costs. Below is a summary of the factors that most influence the total cost of a loft ladder:

The type of material

Loft ladders are available in various materials such as wood, metal or aluminum. Not only does the choice of material affect the costs, but also the quality and durability of the loft ladder. A cheaper staircase does not last as long, while a metal staircase lasts longer
and has the additional advantage of being fire resistant.
A cheap staircase could end up being more expensive in the long run because it has to be replaced sooner.

The measurements

A bargain. A wider or longer loft ladder is of course more expensive than a loft ladder with smaller sizes. Normally you do not need to purchase an extra long loft ladder, because most loft ladders are suitable for different heights.

Standard or custom
Buying a standard loft ladder is a lot cheaper than having a loft ladder made to measure. Sometimes only the last option is possible. Would you like advice on which loft ladder is most suitable for your situation? Make an appointment directly with ee

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