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Conservatory construction costs

Monday 21 November 2022

A conservatory, what is that exactly?

A conservatory is characterised by its glass character, so the amount of light that enters and the presence of windows. A conservatory usually also has a glass roof. This is where a conservatory differs from an extension, which is largely constructed from stone. Due to the large amount of glass, a conservatory is a wonderful connection between inside and outside. Even in winter, you can still, as it were, spend time in the garden.

A conservatory can be a separate part (detached). But it is usually realised as an extension. An extension is not always a conservatory, but a conservatory is always an extension.


What are the costs of conservatory construction?

Perhaps you are reluctant to have your conservatory extended because of the costs. However, do not forget that building a conservatory is a real increase in value of your house.

If you have a conservatory built, the costs can vary considerably. Things such as the size of the conservatory, whether the conservatory will be built on or extended, whether a foundation must be laid and the level of finishing are important. Generally speaking, conservatory construction costs between € 7,000 and € 25,000. For a conservatory of three by three metres you will easily spend € 10,000. These amounts include the costs of installation and include VAT.

If you determine your budget in advance, you can then investigate what the actual possibilities are within this budget. An exploratory meeting with the professional, which you can easily engage through Zoofy, is very enlightening.

How are the costs of conservatory construction determined?

The costs for constructing a conservatory are determined by various factors. Think of the type of material, the number of square metres, the type of doors and possibly the structural work. Of course you can save on costs by choosing a smaller conservatory. It is better to save up a little more. Building a conservatory is a one-off event, and making adjustments afterwards will cost you a lot more money.

Extending or installing a conservatory?

Extending a conservatory is considerably "cheaper" than extending a conservatory, for which you can easily pay between € 25,000 and € 60,000.

By building a conservatory onto your house, you are in fact creating a garden room. You can continue to use the existing doors and no changes need to be made to the facade. The existing insulation of your house is sufficient and can be retained. This option is less expensive than extending a conservatory. This can be seen as creating an extension to your home. Adjustments are required to the façade, which must then be neatly finished. Moreover, a structural calculation is required. That is why the costs of a conservatory extension are significantly higher.

The size of the conservatory

The dimensions of the conservatory largely determine its costs. The larger the dimensions of a conservatory, the higher the material costs, e.g. glass, which is calculated per square metre.

The material

When building a conservatory you have the choice between different materials, which we describe below.


A wooden conservatory is attractive and if you want to give your conservatory a different look, you can easily paint the wood. A wooden conservatory now seems the cheapest option. In terms of material this is correct. Take into account that wood requires a lot of maintenance and you will have to deal with maintenance costs in the future.


The purchase of a synthetic conservatory is more expensive than a conservatory made of wood. However, plastic requires little maintenance and can withstand all weather conditions. Plastic also insulates well. Whereas plastic used to be available only in white, it is now available in several colours (at an extra cost).


A pricey but also the most solid option is an aluminium conservatory. An aluminium conservatory is also low-maintenance and has a long lifespan. 

Prefab or made-to-measure

You can choose to have your conservatory fully custom made with your preferred material. This will of course give you the most beautiful and best fitting result. Customisation is the most expensive option. A cheaper alternative is a prefabricated greenhouse that is already prepared in the factory. Unfortunately, you have less choice in shapes and materials.

Price example prefabricated conservatory

Surface area Average cost

10 m2 € 8.250

15 m2 € 13.250

30 m2 € 25.000




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