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Install Nest Protect

Install Nest Protect

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Congrats with your new Nest Protect smoke detector ordered. Your house will become a bit smarter. Now just install it. Leave it to one of our Nest installers in your area. Tariff is including labor and all necessary materials. Schedule an appointment to install your Nest Protect.

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Nest Protect installation by Zoofy

The Nest Protect is a smart smoke detector. A new generation of device that distinguishes between steam and real smoke, knows when it is actually necessary to sound an alarm and informs you about the air quality in your home. Apart from smoke, it also keeps an eye on carbon monoxide for you. The Nest Protect runs on batteries but you can also connect it to mains power. This is handy because it saves the hassle of changing batteries. According to Nest, installing it is a matter of minutes and if the device is not connected to power you can probably do it yourself just fine.

Placing the Nest protect

If you prefer to connect the Protect to the mains or have several installed at once, you might prefer to enlist the help of an installer. No problem. We are happy to help you with that. Probably the most important thing about the whole installation is choosing the right place. If the smart smoke detector is installed in the wrong place, its effectiveness will be reduced. An expert can advise you on this. It often helps if you replace the old smoke detector with a new Nest Protect. Then you don't have to think about the location anymore. 

Download the Nest app 

First step is to download the Nest app. The professional can do this for you. Install it on the mobile phone, create an account if necessary, and add the new Protect. This works simply by scanning a code on the device. Did you buy several Nest smoke detectors? Then the installer will pair and test them first. The next step is to install the Nest Protect. If you connect it to mains power, always switch off the power first. This way, you don't risk getting a shock. 

Connect to existing connection

To connect to mains power, there must of course be an existing connection available in the ceiling. Often this is the place where a smoke detector is already connected, or else a place where you could also connect a lamp. Such a connection consists of two or four wires with different colours. The colours can sometimes vary. Usually you will see a black or brown wire, a green yellow one and a blue one. 

Professional will make sure everything works

The professional will use a connection clamp to connect the phase wires from the ceiling or wall to the electrical wires of the Nest 230V cable plug. The installer will connect the correct wires to each other. When all wires are neatly tucked away in the junction box, he screws the Nest Protect neatly into place using the bracket provided. Finally, you can test Nest smoke alarm by pressing the big button. Also check in the app on your mobile phone if everything is working properly. 


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