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Have your home properly protected against burglary

Securing your home is very important. After all, burglaries are becoming increasingly common. Is your home not yet burglar-proof? Then it's high time to change that. But what are the options for securing your home and what are the costs of securing your home?

Why is securing your home so important

Never skimp on security costs because good security is very important. If your home is properly secured, then you will protect your loved ones as well as your valuable property. Moreover, a good security provides you with a sense of peace of mind, so you will not have to lie awake worrying.

Different ways to secure your home

Do you want to secure your home? Then there are several ways you can do this. What options of security for your home are there and what is the best choice for you?

Door and window security

The first way to secure your home is through door and window security. This type of security should really be standard in every home. Poorly secured doors and windows significantly increase the chances of burglary. There are several ways to secure your windows and doors. For example, it is especially important that you choose secure door hardware. For example, a cylinder lock is an important part of security for your home. A good lock makes it much harder for the burglar to break in, giving you more time to alert the police.

In addition, it can help to fit your windows with HR+++ glass. This glass is almost unbreakable, preventing burglars from simply getting in. Side locks are another option to add extra security to your windows and doors. Additional locks can be placed in combination with the original lock.

Outdoor lighting

Another way to secure your home is with exterior lighting. This is especially common at businesses. When someone gets close to the house, the lights automatically turn on. This causes the burglar to run, for fear of being caught. Outdoor lighting alone is not enough, of course, but it can be a good addition!

Wired alarm system

If you really want to enjoy optimal security, then an alarm system is a good option. If you opt for an alarm system then you can choose between a wired alarm system and a wireless alarm system. With a wired alarm system, all the different components are connected together using cables. Although the wired system is not always convenient, it is a very reliable system with a long range. So it is definitely worth considering!

Whether you choose a wired alarm system or a wireless system, there is always the option to supplement the system with some extras, such an advanced alarm system does cost a little more, but will work even more effectively. Extras you can choose are a sensor, a fire recognition system, cameras, and so on. Usually extra options are chosen more with a wireless system.

Smart alarm system

A smart alarm system is increasingly being chosen because it is very convenient. A smart alarm system can connect to your phone, allowing you to keep a close eye on anything suspicious even remotely. As you could read above, there are a number of additional options you can choose, to make your system even more complete. What options are all there?


An alarm system makes your home very secure, but if you also have a camera connected to your system you will be able to better identify the burglar. This will give you a lot more peace of mind. Especially for businesses it is interesting to connect a camera system. There are two types of security cameras: IP cameras and stand-alone cameras. If you already have a smart alarm system in your home, it's best to choose IP cameras, and if you have yet to have an alarm system installed, the stand-alone camera is a good option. You can use your smartphone to keep an eye on your cameras. Handy for traveling!

Motion Detector

A motion detector is often included in the basic package and is certainly not an unnecessary luxury. A motion detector detects movement in your home via an infrared signal. It adjusts itself to the temperature of a room, so if a disturbance in that temperature is detected, you'll be notified.

Smoke Detector

You can also have a smoke detector installed. This is convenient because that way your home is also fire safe. A smoke detector has a sensor that senses the smoke value in the air and the temperature. When the value is too high, the alarm will sound.

Glass break detector

Another option is to install a glass break detector. This component will alert you if glass breaks up to a distance of 9 meters.

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