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Install Nest Thermostat E

Install Nest Thermostat E

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The new Nest Thermostat E ordered and in house. Great! Now just install it! With this thermostat you do not need to adjust anything in the boiler. That makes a difference. But you still need do take care of some wiring. Simply schedule an appointment with an installer from the neighborhood for the moment that suits you best.

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A smart thermostat should also be smart to install, they thought at thermostat manufacturer Nest. And voila: October 2018, Nest launched a new simpler and also cheaper thermostat. The device looks slightly different that its older sibling, the Nest Learning Thermostat, but is just as smart, according to the manufacturer. The purchase price is around €209,- a €219,- which makes the E more attainable for more people. The thermostat can be controlled via your cell phone but now also via, for example, a smart speaker such as Google Home.

Easy installation of the E model

The installation of the E model has become a lot easier. The end goal remains the same: get more control over your energy consumption without having to turn the knobs yourself. This is how you manage to save energy. That's good for the environment and certainly good for your wallet. The Thermostat E comes with a Heat Link and all the necessary cables. There are not many tools involved in installation. The Nest app guides you through the main steps and most people need about an hour for installation.

Stand-alone thermostats

You put the stand-alone thermostat in the included stand anywhere you want. A built-in wifi module connects to the Internet. The most obvious place to put the E thermostat is in the living room. With this thermostat you no longer need to open the boiler. That saves! However, you still need to connect some wires in the right way to get the device working. One of our professionals can help you with this at a predetermined rate. So you know where you stand.

What steps does the technician take during installation?

The technician will take care of the entire installation. Step 1 is to install the Nest app on your phone. This way, all the steps are easy to go through. So connection to the internet is necessary. The most important part of the installation is the installation of the heat link e. Previously, the heat link had to be connected to the central heating boiler and required a wiring adjustment. This is no longer necessary. You simply place this heat link of the Thermostat E in the place of the old thermostat.

How does the professional work

Before the expert does this, he makes sure that the boiler and thermostat are switched off. There should be no voltage left on them. The old thermostat is removed. The heat link can be installed by connecting the wiring correctly. Then the boiler should be turned back on. An advantage of the Thermostat E is that there is support for both OpenTherm and on/off. This is not the case with the Learning Thermostat. OpenTherm is usually better for the life of your boiler because it ensures less load. The technician can tell you more about this.

What does the Nest-pro do?

The Nest-pro ensures that the thermostat connects to the heatlink. Once that is done, the thermostat can be set further. Usually, the preset default heating schedule suffices. That is set for the average in Europe. But of course you can also set the desired temperature yourself.


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