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Install Nest Hello Doorbell

Install Nest Hello Doorbell

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Purchased a Nest Hello Video doorbell? Beautiful! Now just install it. Remove old bell, connect all the wires neatly and there you go. Leave it to our installers. Have the doorbell install against a fixed rate.

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Nest hello installation

Always see who is at the door. And in razor-sharp clarity, too. Thanks to your new Nest Hello doorbell. When the doorbell rings you get a notification on your mobile phone. So you can always communicate with your visitors. Wherever you are. The Nest Hello doorbell streams 24/7. This means you can watch it live whenever you want and it also serves as a security camera. This increases your security. You always know what's going on at the front door. Even when you're not at home, you can speak to the visitor with a pre-recorded message. The Nest Hello doorbell, as you probably haven't noticed, is a Google product. The Nest Hello doorbell therefore works well with the smart products of Google. Via Chromecast you can show the images on your TV and if you have a Google Nest Aware subscription, this smart doorbell quickly recognizes family, friends and acquaintances standing in front of the door. 

Google Nest Hello

Before you order the Google Nest Hello: Always check that the wiring of your current doorbell provides enough power to install a Google Nest Hello. With most doorbells this is not a problem. In case your doorbell doesn't provide enough power, always have it replaced by our De Nest installer.

Nest Hello Installation via Zoofy

Once you have the Hello Nest at home, it's time for the installation. Installing a Nest Hello is complex. We recommend you to use a smart home installer. Armed with a screwdriver, drill and the Nest Hello transformer connection (to convert the voltage), one of our Nest Hello installers will take care of it for you. 

Whether you have a Nest Learning Thermostat, Nest Thermostat E, Nest Protect or Nest Cam Outdoor, the first step in installing any Nest product is to download the app onto your mobile phone. If you already have Nest appliances in your home, you can skip this. In the app, the professional scans the QR code of the doorbell. The device is then registered in the app. 

Then the Nest Home installer will turn off the power. Always an important step when working with power. This way you avoid accidentally getting a shock 😉 In the Nest Hello installation package, the Nest connector is included. This is installed first. The Nest pro knows exactly how to connect the cables in the housing. If the connector is connected properly, it can be mounted in a place of your choice. 

The next step is to disassemble the current doorbell. The Nest Hello installer unscrews the doorbell and pulls out the attached cables slightly, so they don't accidentally disappear into the hole. When you want to place the Nest Hello video doorbell on the spot of the old doorbell (which is often the nicest!), the Nest Hello installer will use the supplied mounting plate. He screws this over the place of the old doorbell. 

The cable is then connected to your new doorbell and then it's just a matter of mounting it. Everything in place? Great! Make sure to test everything before the technician leaves. 

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