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Smart door lock installation

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Do you want to have a smart door lock installed? Easily book a smart home specialist via Zoofy who can realize the installation of the lock.

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Install a smart door lock via Zoofy

Have a smart door lock installed

A smart door lock is an electronic lock that you can operate with your smartphone or other device. The lock is connected to your Wi-Fi network and you can open it with a code, a fingerprint or any other biometric data.


  • You can open and close your door remotely.
  • You can set a schedule to automatically open and close the lock.
  • You can add multiple users so that everyone has access to the lock.
  • You can keep a log to see who has had access.


  • It is more expensive than a traditional lock.
  • It is possible that the lock is hacked.
  • It is possible that the lock does not work properly if there is a malfunction in your Wi-Fi network.

Possible costs:

The cost of installing a smart door lock can vary depending on the type of lock you choose. The costs can amount to more than €200.

It is better to hire a professional to install your smart door lock. A professional has the knowledge and experience to install the lock correctly and to ensure that it works properly. This can save you a lot of time and money.

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