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Costs of custom door

Sunday 25 December 2022

You will certainly have to deal with it at some point. An interior or exterior door that does not fit (any more). This can happen, for example, when you lay a new floor. The floor has grown higher after installation. In that case, a piece of the floor has to be removed and there is no other option than to saw a door to size. It is also possible that you want to place a door with a different shape somewhere, for example under the stairwell. Or, unfortunately, the DIY stores do not have the door in your desired size in stock. Then you also have to have a door made to measure. Fortunately, there is no need to worry. For a made-to-measure door you do not have to leave your house anymore. All you have to do is hire a carpenter via Zoofy. He will be happy to help you.

You can choose to order a made-to-measure door, for instance when you need a whole new door.
Even then you'd do well to get that new door from the professional (which you can book quickly and easily through Zoofy). Not only the hardware and the hinges of a new door are often missing, but also the hanging is a craftsman's job. A pity if you save on these costs. A new door that sticks or hangs crooked, nobody wants that.

Costs of a made-to-measure door

Do you want to know what a made-to-measure door costs? The costs depend on a number of factors and on the choice you make. You can choose to order a made-to-measure door somewhere, for instance online or at a DIY store. The costs of this will soon become clear. To these costs you have to add the hourly wages of the craftsman. After all, your door still has to be hung and possibly equipped with fittings or hinges. The average hourly wage of a professional carpenter at Zoofy is € 50 including VAT.

In the table below you can read what the average costs for a door hanging are. Mentioned prices include VAT and labour. You don't have to pay call out charges at Zoofy.

Type of job Average price for hanging a door
Installing one interior door € 100 to € 125
Installing two or three interior doors € 75 to € 100
Hanging four interior doors € 55 to € 80
Hanging a front door € 250 to € 300
*These are indicative prices based on jobs previously carried out. The final costs may differ from the invoice you receive from us.

If your door still has to be fitted with fittings and/or hinges, extra costs have to be added. Is it about sawing an existing door to size? The costs for this are determined by the time the carpenter spends on it. Does the door only need to be shortened at the bottom? Does the door need to be planed on all sides? The craftsman can tell you exactly how much time the job will take. You should take into account an average starting hourly wage of €50 including VAT.

What do you have to pay attention to with a made-to-measure door?

With a new door, whether it is an interior door, a front door, a garden door or a back door, you can give your home a completely different character. To help you make your choice, follow the steps below:

1. Determine the model of the door

What material should your new door be made of? Plastic, wood, glass or steel?

2. Determine the type of door

The choice of your door is closely related to the type of door frame you have. Do you want a sliding door, an unfinished door or an overlay door? If in doubt, consult the professionals of Zoofy. Furthermore, you can compose your door as you wish. It can be a standard door, a country door, a glass door or that trendy steel door.

3. Determine the direction of the door

When a made-to-measure door is placed in an existing frame with hinges, the position of the hinges determines the direction of rotation. Are the hinges on the right? Then you must order a right-handed made-to-measure door. Are the hinges on the left? Then you should order a left-handed door. Do you prefer a door that turns the other way? The craftsman will tell you if it is possible to change the direction of rotation of the door, i.e. from right-handed to left-handed and vice versa. This is often possible, but it does take a little work.

4. Determine dimensions

Perhaps the most difficult part of ordering a door is measuring the width and height. Can't work it out? No problem, just contact the expert at Zoofy.

5. Determine colour

Does your new door need to be finished? Of course you can do this with a beautiful, durable matt, silk or high gloss lacquer in your favourite colour.

6. Lock or no lock

Not every door needs a lock, for example inside doors. For a toilet or bathroom door you can choose a dead bolt lock. With an outside door you have to pay extra attention to security. Choose a multi-point lock.



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